Sunday, December 12, 2010

[Company] Number of Staffs of Animation Companies

 *Only the most important ones are listed.

304 Toei
246 TMS Entertainment

184 Production IG

171 Sunrise

159 Kyoto Animation

150 Studio Pierrot

150 Studio Deen

140 Studio Ghibli

130 Mad House

120 J.C.Staff

110 ufotable

100 AIC

77 Satellite

70 P.A.Works
70 Bee Train
70 Synergy SP
41 Artland
38 A-1 Pictures
20 Brain's Base
15 feel.
10 Ordet 

*Gainax and Sunrise is known for their efficiency. They tend to minimize budget taken from animation as much as possible; most of Sunrise animations are actually animated by other small subcontracted studios from Japan/Korea/Taiwan. Kyoto Animation is quite opposite; they uses their in-house staffs on almost everything.

*PA works have their own team of staffs who are specialised for 'animation' part. That's why their animation always have high-quality movement and drawings.

*Number of staffs in 'Shaft' is in mystery, but it is known for being very small. They needed a lot of other animating studios in subcontract recently; in case of 'Dance in the Vampire Bund', every thing was almost entirely drawn, edited by A.C.G.T.

* All these are from the latest database available.

Source: From my personal data basis collected from 2ch
Article  posted by sirn

Updates: P.A. Works staff info changed


  1. First off,it's only been a few days but there's lots of usefull info on here!I hope you keep it up!

    Couple of questions:
    -Does A1 outsource a lot? because that's a small staff yet I remember them having 4 shows on at the same time.
    -WTF is up with bee train?! I thought they were smaller than that considering they do 1 anime a year in general and even then they don't look nearly as good visually as other studios who do so little quantity wise,so I guess I'm missing something?

  2. Yes, efficiency is indeed the key to make any animation a success but it's also important that there is passion and genuine interest in the field to create great animation story.