Saturday, December 18, 2010

[Random] My upcoming blog posts - 18th December 2010

Currently, I have like 4 different article writing at the same time (all saved as drafts). Those will all take 'ages' to write off (including Winter 2011 data base one that I have been ranting.) so I will just give some updates on what's going to come front.

1. [Preview] Winter 2010/11 Anime Information Data Base
18 major releases of 1st term of 2011 will be listed and details on Staff/casts will be included.
(*brain torture)

2. [Company] SHAFT - who are they?
Almost every details/history/story/characteristics that I know about Shaft will be there and my personal opinions will also be included

3. [Company] Average DVD/BD sales per animation studio part 2: GAINAX, P.A. Works, Seven arcs, A-1 Pictures
Part 1 here.
This will, for sure, definitely kill me.

4. [Column] Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Analysis on its Failure
Yeah... it failed.

5. Any news articles

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