Saturday, January 1, 2011

[Info] Top 10 animes of 2010: Ranking by AT-X

Here is the ranking by AT-X channel, the best animations of 2010.

1. Railgun
2. Working
3. Ore No Imouto
4. Yosuga no Sora
5. Hakuoki
6. Indexu
7. Seitokai Yakuin-domo
8. Highschool of the Dead
9. Tamayura
10. Ika Musume
ringOtamegane's Last Words

eh.... what?


  1. By the way, not really related to this post in particular but how would you find the sales figure for a bd/dvd? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

  2. @Anon:
    This is a pre-order ranking. For the bd/dvd sales, I'm just using 2ch or other quick korean sites due to my laziness.