Friday, January 28, 2011

[Review] Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Episode 4 - Shaft direction and Horror

WARNING! Spoilers!!!
WARNING! Spoilers!!!
WARNING! Spoilers!!!
WARNING! Spoilers!!!
WARNING! Spoilers!!!

No Mahou Shoujo Characters cried this much in the FOURTH episode

So, this episode starts with Sayaka and Madoka in depression. Madoka was trying all the time during the first half, which was surprisingly relevant knowing how Mami had that terrifying death.

Simply Terrifying Storyboard of Urobuchi and Shaft directions.

Dark and creepy atmosphere overwhelmed that of previous episode. Shaft direction during reflections on Mami was very well-done in darkest mood possible. Unlike the first two episode, Urobuchi's script and Shinbo direction is now making perfect synch. Aoki's design was for the alienation from the start, so even though synchro towards the story is about 0%, it's only contributing to create even more terrifying mood overall, such as that zombie working scene.

Homura doing Shenjougahara pose. ALL HAIL TORE-SAMA!.

Next key point was Homura's reaction to this, and there is something various suspicious about entire thing she says. She was jealous of Madoka's her determination of 'remembering Mami's death', but Homura was almost sarcastic about this whole thing that Madoka said. We can carefully predict that Homura definitely knows Madoka either from the past or future, and Madoka memory might have been 'distorted' in an one way or another.
That laugh won't last long under Urobuchi's stomach.
Now, Sayaka became Mahou Shoujo for that fuckin-emo-kid-Kamijou and evil faec kyuube. Her action scene was brilliant. However, Homura's reaction on her only rises tons of death flags around her. My personal prediction is Homura using her arm instead of Kamijou, which isn't much better than dying; actually worse, knowing how she became mahou shoujo to 'cure' that boy

Extremely suspicious direction. Foreshadowing of Super-ultra Emo Kamijou and Sayaka's fall?
Beside, it seems that just curing her hand will not be enough to cure his Shinji-mentality. That grim shadow, is very suspicious indeed. Urobuchi is only promising story with no dream, no hope.

Girl who represents the reality, major enemy of Sayaka. (not Cond**-chan)
This girl's last appearance makes me think that this is more of 'horror' anime than mahou shoujo. Supported by unbearably gloomy set of music by Kajiura Yuki, the heart-warming scenes I remember from old mahou shoujo shatters apart. This girl is scary. She seems that she does not care about death at all, only work for self-satisfaction. This is clearly different from any of the characters we've seen from the series, which were all pretty 'white'. Now, we will get this 'neither partner, nor anime' type of mahou shoujo, which is again destroying the paradigm that this genre established for years and years.

This biiitch is a real biiitch.


This guy is the bad guy. The end.

PS. I've never hated GG fansub this much. Seriously. Enough trolling with childish advertisement. Going with Nutbladder and Yesy now-on.


  1. Gosh, Kyuubei seems to have a terrific sense of timing, doesn't he? Appearing just as Sayaka was agonizing about Kamijou's condition. Not suspicious at all, right? *sarcasm*

    Other than that, I'm pleased how Madoka seems to be seriously mulling the consequences of becoming a magical girl, especially after Mami's horrific death. In any other Magic Girl show, the main character would have been a Magic Girl AGES ago, but here we have a frightened little girl who has all the right to be hesitant about making a decision.

  2. I don't really know much about Urobuchi but do you think he'll give Sayaka a decent death this time around? In the assumption that Kyoko will use Kamijo as hostage... what are the chances of Kamijo and Sayaka dying together?

  3. @Myssa Rei: The scene I really liked was when she threw away chemicals breaking the window (like a man) during that zombie scene. We all know how scared she was about everything about witch and stuffs, but when it comes to actual situation, she is extremely brave.

    anyway, Mamama is basically revolutionising the entire genre right now.

    @baka~: No-idea. Absolutely no idea what Urobuchi will do to Sayaka. Honestly, Sayaka losing her arm was the most reasonable, calculated and also heart-breaking end I can think of. But that's also just speculation. This is the strength of original animation I guess, where we can expect ANYTHING.

    Urobuchi is using that strength... rather too much.

  4. I think that's the best thing about this anime (just saw ep. #4) that the writer isn't relying on comfortable tropes so we can find a comfortable level of enjoyment. Reminds me of George Martin the great fantasy author of Song of Ice & Fire: he wasn't afraid of killing off good guys or fan favorite characters. Thus as readers we could never relax as we tore thru the books.

    Now that the weekend is here.... I'm eager to finish the entire series in one night!