Sunday, February 27, 2011

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I'm doing this since I'm bored.

>he still checks every frame and gives tips

I doubt this. Why else would shaft shows be littered with ugly and off model drawings? 

Answer: Because Shinbo don't care. Shinbo is well-known for leaving some of the bad drawings intentionally out which actually makes the screens better or create some issues around the internet. Since you are discussing about it, some of Shinbo's intention seems to be quite successful.

He doesn't direct and still gets his name in the credits?
I find that admirable. Hell I envy him.

Answer: You shouldn't envy him, since he is one of the busiest director ever in existence. He is indeed director, but if you are thinking that drawing conti or screen-play is the only work of direction, there is some huge mistake there.

Beside, most of the directors (with some exceptions like Yamauchi shit) 'truly' directs the only first episode. After that, other staffs basically 'copies' that first episode direction throughout. Obviously, Shaft can't really need that since their direction is all over the place anyway.

>So, one of the most told animation studio is probably Kyoto Animation, Shaft, P.A. Works and GAINAX.

Stop reading that shit there

Answer: I'm really curious, since everyone always bitch about this statement everywhere, yet I can't find anything wrong with it. If you say 'YOU FORGOT JC-STAFF MADHOUSE SUNRISE MIYAZAKI TOTOTOTRO!!!', then I just have to giggle again.

Experienced Shinbo fans can detect his style, apparently.

Bakemonogatari was indeed directed entirely by him.

Answer:  Not just Shaft, but none of the anime is directed entirely by one person. There are only a few exceptions, like Cencoroll etc.

Does Shinbo direct anything himself then? 

Answer: Every Shaft production is directed by Shinbo, of course. It's just position of 'series director' that makes Shinbo's work much less. However, I can't deny that Shinbo's name value is one of the major reason. (According to the poll in Dengeki-online, Shinbo is the second most favourite animation director for media mix.

Minor, almost inconsequential fixes are done by practically every studio in the industry, so you shouldn't make it sound like Shinbo is doing anything special.

The shitty animation in shaft shows is mostly due to poor time management and lack of skilled animators to fix these issues, since most of their stuff is outsourced to begin with.

Answer: Shaft basically 'RE-MAKES' the entire animation in DVD/BD version. It's not just simple fixing.

Poor time management is very true; Shaft is the studio with the worst scheduling capability. In case of Bakemonogatari, they were doing key animations and colouring 'A DAY BEFORE' its airing. However, 'lack of skilled animator' is obviously not the case.

If I'm wrong, I apologize. I just remember one discussion wherein one Anon said Yuasa did GL's episode 4.

Answer: Yep you are wrong. It's other guy from Gainax, who got sacked after that incident, with few other staffs who were going 'lol rage' to otakus on the INTERNET.



  1. Don't listen to the trolls ):

  2. Osamu Kobayashi, the director and animation director of TTGL 4 never got sacked after that incident.

    Hell, he wasn't an employee of Gainax in the first place.

  3. So what exactly makes PA Works "one of the most told animation studio"?

  4. @anon1: I researched again, and you are right. The one who got sacked was Akai Takami.

    anon2: angel beats. duh, which is their worst work so far.