Friday, February 11, 2011

[FAQ] Receiving questions about SHAFT

So... Kyuube... what species are you?
Sooooo, being loyal Shaftard, I will start collecting any questions/flaming/shits/craps/shock and awe/needless bablings/fanboy+hater comments about Shaft and their staffs+works. Just add comments in this post if you have anything specifically interested about how Shaft studio etc. works, beliefs, aims and stuffs. Also, I will also accept some other questions related to animation studios, but the answer is most likely to become limited.

This is a long term project and I will make whole new page for this FAQ;
So, ask anything you want.


PS. Some unnecessary shit posts will be deleted for obvious reasons.



  1. How much involvment have co-directors in an anime at SHAFT? Or, does Shinbo really do anything on his own? How come every of their shows have the same style? Since I doubt Shinbo can direct every of his shows on his own.

    Why is Tatsuya Oishi who is supposedly one of team Shinbo involved in so few works?

  2. How much did Shaft's animator numbers change after Bakemonogatari's godlike sales? They were on emergency needs before but after Bake their website no longer posted any request for workers.

  3. So, since Shinbo is supervisor and 'educator', does this mean that SHAFT basically won't work under other directors anymore and Shinbo and SHAFT are inseparatable since everyone over there animated his style for many years?

  4. Well, maybe you could add questions and answers yourself what you think should people know about SHAFT.

  5. @Anon: I was thinking about it, too, but I'm currently ... not really busy but just extremely lazy to create anything by myself... u.u~

  6. I read your FAQ and I see why shaftfags and sakuga-fans hate each other.

  7. I wonder what Shaft's next shows will be? Since Denpa Onna finished, there hasn't been any news for a new project, not even a 2nd season for Denpa Onna. I know that they're busy with the Negima Movie, but I might pass out if I don't get my helping of Shaft for the Fall 2011 season, and this is the second year in a row where there isn't a production planned for the summer season. Any news yet??

  8. I have a question! What was it about Natsu no arashi that made it a failure? I can understand the second season, since it had hardly any plot, but personally, I really, really liked the first season.

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