Friday, February 4, 2011

[MB] Important Quote/Words/Interviews of Shaft staffs

MB = Misconception Breaker
MB = Initial of current Korean president who is crazy as Kim Jung Ill.

During my surfing through 4chan and other various forums, it seems there are few fans/anti-fans who have some misconceptions about 'studio Shaft'. Thus, I'm trying to break it via presenting some of the major quotes by staffs from Shaft or those who are involved with, so that I can again provide better understanding on what their mindset really is.


Shinbo (asked how does he discuss with the direction staffs of shaft): After checking conti, if I just say "You know what I mean?' and give it to them, they know what they should do.
Only work with that impression (of having great public favour) was bakemonogatari.  
(asked to state the reason for bakemonogatari's success) ....It's all coincidence. I can unwillingly say that horoscopes agreed. My style and novel was well-matching and the novel itself was also matching with the era's demand.
Q: There are people who call [Shinbo Direction] and think you are making animation arbitrarily.
Shinbo Akiyuki: It cannot be helped even if it looks like it. To put it in an extreme way, Me, 'Shaft' and our works never once evaluated positively.
Q: It seems that you think of your animation as 'merchandise' than 'work'
Shinbo:  at first stance it is 'work', but  I think 'work' and 'merchandise' is the same thing.
Q: In the public, they are curious why you are directing so many animations at once.
Shinbo: It's all thanks to our staffs who are working enormously hard. (laugh)

Shinbo: All staffs who remain in Shaft are the staffs who has congenial attitude. Even if it is in production stage, they already have a feeling that 'director will definitely retake this conti again'.
 Shinbo: I remember that I ordered Watanabe Akio to draw Hanekawa's panty even more precisely. (laugh)
Q: Are you saying that panty shot was a plausible scene?
Shinbo: Of course it is. Because, we will be happier if animation starts with panty shot than just ordinary opening right?
Shinbo: The reason that I need to contact a lot with original creator is to make animation that even original fans can watch. There is no meaning if I make animation that producer wants. If original one is selling 50000, first we need to think how to satisfy that 50000 fans. We also must include the elements that can bring first-timer fans. If we can't do that, there's no meaning of making that animation.

*from animage original vol.7

* Interview article of 'team shinbo'
Q: Do you guys watch the response of the viewers from the internet?
Oonuma Shin: Very often.
Oishi Tatsuya: I even read ongoing threads at the time of the broadcasting.
Oonuma: Before it was a knotty problem, but since I did 'neko mimi mode' in 'Moon Phrase' so I went to see its response which was quite funny, so I'm still reading those. However, Pani Poni Dash's start was 90% anti posts.
Oishi: The first episode was even worse.
Oonuma: It was completely shredded. (laugh)
Shinbo: I didn't read any of them, I just asked Oonuma-san 'how was it?'. (laugh)
Shinbo: I always leave some attachment to work, so if it is something that can be edited regardless of time, I have strong thought of wanting to fix it. I don't want to leave it roughly.
Oishi: There are still things left that can be milked from pani poni dash.
Oonuma: Yep, it was intentionally left.
Shinbo: If I can work on it, I want to do it anytime available...

"Shinbo is very strict. Usually, he grins a lot and walks swinging his arms in light mood, but when it comes to work, he changes entirely. Even his voice tone is different. Not only that, he is checking every single works by 'himself'. Even though he never appears in a staff role, he checks contis, layouts, after-recordings, series compositions with amazing speed. He also has very strong belief over his works." - Newbie staff of Shaft

*from here.
Urobuchi: I was very surprised on how everything goes very smoothly and in harmony. It was so liberal, that I had to say 'is it really ok to do whatever I want?'

Aoki: With the feeling of "emm, I think it will be ok with this", there was no such modifications on overall course. There weren't even much of minor corrections. So, as checking props and settings, they advanced minor adjustment in order to make animation notable during the transformation scene.

Aoki: the image that I have on Shaft is "student who isn't honour-student, but very famous". Including Shinbo, all staffs in Shaft aren't really a genius but still has an image of having some kind of genius-like talents, and also have some sense, so even though they didn't change a lot in "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica", they are showing their image more distinctively than they did before. 

From the new type megasine interview on Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica;
Urobuchi: When I heard [We don't know what image we will get], I was also very anticipated. Shinbo does not care about the length of script or the number of scenes. I have been thinking arbitrarily that animation is [Creating theme and script calculating back from the completed image], but you cannot do this reverse operation for SHAFT's production method. It's like stage play; they add fleshes to their work with improvised ad-libs time to time.


Well, done. Whatever it is.


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