Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Column] I was reading through interview by Sunrise, Tomino Yoshiyuki..

Tomino Yoshiyuki is one of the most respected animation director/creator/producer for a lot of people (including me). His Gundam series is just legend, and there are many various other things that he created that is crucial turning point  for current animation industry.

It's nothing serious but, I saw this from his interview article;

"Something that creator should NEVER say is, 'I want to make what I want, I do not want commercial product'. If someone says that, you must kick him out of this place. If you do not success, you will not able to support the funding, thus you are out without having next product."

The way of his words was, exactly that of what SHINBO AKIYUKI said;

"An unsellable animation, even if it is worth to watch, is meaningless. So the most important thing when you make anime, is satisfying consumers."

The one thing you need to know is, they never said 'quality' isn't important. They are just putting 'consumer's needs' into the first priority. If directors are not capable of doing that, their works will always remain as mere cult-hit series and be forgotten.

and, Yamakan should be kicked out.

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