Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Crisis] Animation events (including Steins;Gate premier) between 12~13th all canceled


Due to huge 10m Tsunami and 8.9 magnitude-quake, almost all events/performances etcs are cancelled. That includes Steins;Gate premier, Chihara Minori Tokyo Performance, Monster Hunter Festa and many others. Surprisingly , most of 2ch seems to be agreeing with this cancels, knowing how huge the disaster is.

The most dangerous part is, definitely nuclear power-plant.  There was already significant explosion and radioactive-leaking which will keep continue. I hope things don't go worse than it is.


  1. Yeah, I expected that. But how long are the events cancelled? I hope for some more weeks. (because Shaft has time to fix MariaHolic, heh)

    And I think it's really surprising that those Hiki's over there actually care about the human world out there, pretty cool.

  2. @Anon: I think the reason they care is due to the fact that this happened on a day when Madoka Magica aired.

    The cause of earthquake is obviously Walpurgis night. u.u~~

  3. no news about homura and madoka

    they still fight walpurgis night? ;_;

  4. yay madoka and homura confirm safe :D

    walpurgis night down :>