Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Crisis] Japan Earthquake.... and animation studios

Just when New-Zealand gets destroyed by Earthquake...Now it's Japan... in even bigger and larger scale. It seems like there were 200~300 death were reported in Sendai. Not only that, Fukushima is very dangerous currently, due to possibility of Nuclear power-plant getting leaked.

Now, Japan actually need to be thankful, since if that 8.8 happened in the center of Tokyo, not outside the ocean, Japan is pretty much dead...

Hope for the fast recovery.

PS. and,!/otokomatsuri1/status/46247930516086784!/otokomatsuri1/status/46229765132263424
Miyamoto Yukihiro's Twitter: Everyone was found to be fine EXCEPT.... OISHI TATSUYA (currently the second best director beside Shinbo in Shaft)...
;______; ....
They also had some crack on a wall of Shaft's head building.
Edited: Oishi is fine.!/otokomatsuri1/status/46317529790038016!/tomos12/status/46254460313415680
Sitiya Tomoyuki: JC-Staff is totally fine unlike his earlier message of 'animating office destroyed?'. It's just few items falling from the desk, and everyone is working fine.
This is PA Works.

I hope all the studios are fine.


  1. what about seiyuu?

    well like seiyuu from madoka magica

  2. What did you mean "EXCEPT.... OISHI TATSUYA"? Was he injured or missing?

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  4. @Anon: Miyamoto said 'except Oishi, everyone is confirmed to be safe. It seems Oishi is also ok, too. Thank god.