Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[Info] Shaft, IN DANGER - Maria+Holic in crisis

"Again, production has stopped. 'Mentally on our limit' is the reason. Since the production, already more than 5 people who involved are... a bit of high-pace? This place, never gets enough staffs."

Twitter of Tokoro Tomokazu, who's doing Maria+Holic series director currently, says already 5 people stopped working due to enormous pressure. We might get another 'SHAFTED' incident if this is true. Not surprised since they are doing Negima Movie/Kaizo/Denpa Onna/New SZS episode at the SAME TIME, but according to his saying, Shaft's staff number is still very small despite all the recruiting they were doing in their hom-page.

Oh god Shaft, get a rest for your god sake...


  1. You forgot Kizumonogatari.

    Shit SHAFT, get your shit together.

  2. lol, why they have to do EVERYTHING at the same time?

  3. As long as the job gets done right, they may as well take their time.