Friday, March 25, 2011

[Madoka] 3rd episode conti, Concept Arts leaked.

Episode 3 Conti:

Key Animation revised by Chief Animation Director;

Certain unethical animator seems to have put some concept arts and contis in auction. Not like I will buy it.

Regardless, some scenes in contis are nothing I've seen in actual episode in anywhere. Don't know key animation are stunning, expected from Shaft. but when they start moving..

*Edited terminology


  1. I don't know what you mean by Conti but they are called Storyboard.

    And those drawings you posted are not concept art, they are Key Animation Drawing( genga:原画 )

  2. *Anon: Japanese and Korean call it conti...

    According to 2ch, the second one was called '総作画監督修正集' (Chief Animator Revision drawing collection) or '設定資料' (Concept art/Setting Material). They are made 'before' the key animations are drawn, thus it is concept art.

  3. 総作画監督修正集 was made by the chief animation director(総作画監督, what you translated as chief animator) after the key animation drawings were corrected by the animation director(作画監督) of that episode.

    Basically, after key animators submitted his works to the animation director(chief animator), animation director will check those key drawing and make a correction on the drawings if needed.

    After the drawings were corrected by the animation director, the drawings will be sent to the chief animation director to make a correction again.

    The animation director and chief animation director will make a correction on a different piece of paper by placing a paper on the original drawing and only draws parts that are needed to be corrected.

    You can find a detailed explanation about it here:

    You can confirmed it by asking people in 2ch's sakuga thread(作画を語るスレ in anime saloon board) or in the Pelleas forum(Peter Chung regularly visits and posts in this forum ) or even in 4chan's sakuga thread( if you want.
    It's one thing that sakugafags and people who really works in the the anime industry know better than the rest of anime fandom after all.

  4. @Reply to anon again:

    Thanks for the info. It's again my failure to translate Japanese to Korean definition to English + My flawed knowledge on animation producing. I guess I need to study more on it.

    I will edit the post...u.u~~