Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Madoka] BD preorder ranking of vol.1 beats "Karigurashi no Arrietty"+ Nico Nico preorder now over 1,500

 Ahaha, wow. I thought Arrietty will definitely keep its 1st place for a while, but I was wrong. Madoka Magica took over 1st place almost immediately.


 Nico Nico preorder count is now over 1,500 for BD.
【2011年 03月 10日(木)】 *,930(+33)
【2011年 03月 11日(金)】 *,977(+47)
【2011年 03月 12日(土)】 1,031(+54)
【2011年 03月 13日(日)】 1,094(+63)
【2011年 03月 14日(月)】 1,153(+59)
【2011年 03月 15日(火)】 1,187(+34)
【2011年 03月 16日(水)】 1,220(+33)
【2011年 03月 17日(木)】 1,251(+31)
【2011年 03月 18日(金)】 1,353(+102)
【2011年 03月 19日(土)】 1,443(+90)
【2011年 03月 20日(日)】 1,520(+77)


 As you see, there were dramatic increase in its ranking after the 'supposed' airing date of Madoka Magica which was delayed. My assumption is, after people realising that there are some possibility that last two episodes might not even air, they decided to just watch BD for hack of it (*lol I'm making absolutely no sense). In this rate, it will definitely beat Bakemonogatari's record for preorder, which was around 2,000.


  1. That's mighty awesome. Wasn't Bakemonogatari the most preordered anime before K-on! took over?

    Ep 11 and Ep12 directly to DVD... I wasn't very serious when I thought about it, but seeing this... *shiver*

  2. Kick-ass IS 10th