Friday, March 11, 2011

[Madoka] Episode 10 - This series is masterpiece, not just because of Urobuchi the truth...
1. I was trying to be as unbiased as possible, especially for this series. I saw how all the staffs of this series including Urobuchi, Saito-san, Nitro+ staff, a lot of others hyping this 10th episode way too much, and even I thought that's going too overboard. However, I finally figured out one major reason for Madoka's success, was this belief between staffs who has strong faith in their work. I saw it, and it surpassed that hype 1 light year above.

2. This was, PERFECT episode. HOWEVER, it is not because of the story. The story itself has been predicted by so many people, and there were also viewers who are disappointed for foreseeable plot.

The main trigger of this perfect episode is, art, direction, script, seiyuu and OP sequence.

3. Direction and arts, was absolutely stunning. Reason is simple; 4 to 9th episode was not entirely animated by Shaft, but by subcontract with other studios such as Diomedia and Sunrise. However, Shaft seems to be going to animate entire episodes of the last three. Madoka + Homura's talking, character's expressions (especially psycho Mami-scene), multiple witches fight scenes at once, everything was brilliant.

Plus, if you look at the credit for this episode, the ACE of Shaft is all there. Shaft and Shinbo went their everything out this episode, and they will do that again in next two. Oh hell... I don't know what they are going to do with other series scheduled next season.. >_>

4. I had to say this again, Urobuchi is god. In this episode, it was NOT because of the story. It's about changing viewer's entire opinion on every setting we have been regarded as true, and make it upside down.

"Useless Madoka was not uselsss.
Friendly Mami killed team-mates.
and most of all...

HOMURA WAS HOMUHOMU... ;_______________;

I just... couldn't stop crying. Homura is the true heroine of the series..."

and you see, Urobuchi looped Homura's world 4 times already, yet resolved 'EVERY SINGLE MYSTERIES + FORESHADOWING' on Homura in a SINGLE EPISODE. Dialogue's between characters were, extremely strong and meaningful. Oh god, when I saw the scene where Homura kills Madoka with gun, I was wondering why Urobuchi's blood isn't black. Every scene was in shock and awe despite being predicted, and amazingly intense.

Nitro+ scenario writers were never praised for 'creative' or 'unpredictable' plot. The reason Nitro+ fanbase is strong, is all because of their ability to keep story as stable, firm, perfect as possible, make the least amount of plot holes, calculate every foreshadowing without interrupting the storyline... and create story that no-one can breath.

5. Saito Chiwa and Yuuki Aoi. Their acting was one of the best I've seen from their career, espcially Yuuki Aoi. Homura's changes in behaviour was very well supported by Saito Chiwa's godly act, Yuuki Aoi broke the impossible and made all Madoka's anti-fans lose their purpose to be anti. I mean... I can't really express this properly in words... They were so good in this episode, well done.

6. We still have few questions left, and we all now have ZERO foreshadowing left to predict it, basically. Only thing left is the ending, whether it will be happy, bad or bitter-sweet. One interesting thing was how Madoka was getting stronger and stronger as loop goes on, during the 3rd loop, Madoka killed Walpurgis Night with SINGLE SHOT according to Kyuube. Who is she? Why does she have that power to destroy the entire earth just by becoming a witch?

These will be answered, next week.

7. Another trick was.... OP lyrics.. It is...... Homura...

again, it's Homura... ;____________;


  1. Yeah, the OP's lyrics being about Homura all along was a very nice touch.

    This is right now on the status of "where were YOU when Madoka EP10 aired?". I'm oh-so glad I watched the Live Stream

  2. Congratulations. You are now troll bait.

  3. ^ @Anon: I love it as long as I'm getting attention. u.u~~

  4. Sage for gorespammer.

  5. On Amazon, Madoka is slaughtering other animes in terms of pre-order amounts. The reason that 2ch blew up so badly after hearing the delay was because the success of ep10