Saturday, March 19, 2011

EDITED: [Madoka] Shinbo Akiyuki: "If I were to direct Spin off or the Second season of Madoka Magica, I want it to be slice-of-life!'

Due to my shit Japuuunese, I was not able to comprehend the thing properly. But;

(Notice that he is mentioning 'Madoka 2'.)

Shinbo says he wants to do slice-of-life spin of of Madoka, or even second season. He says he thinks it is waste to end everything in this series, thus he wants to make something that character doesn't go all in despair or whatever.

I don't care. Shinbo has always been like milking. I don't mind it. It is already milked enough with THREE different manga getting published. More Madoka is pro.

(Of course, this might be a double fake, and Urobuchi might do the script yet again. >_>)

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