Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[Madoka] Yumiuri Newspaper Urobuchi Interview - Partial TL

...It was not really an interview after all. It's just some comments.

Translating only the parts that Urobuchi actually said;
"At first, I was aware of the intention of off-guarded surprise."

"I was asked for the unforeseeable cruel tone, thus even if the cover is 'mahou shoujo', inside is 'operation-as-usual' of myself."

*About QB: "There is no malicious intent, but his moral value is fundamentally different from human. Way of confronting something different in kind is one of focus of the story that I'm thinking of."

"I want to end this series with the story of DREAM AND HOPE, but I don't know if watchers will accept it that way."


The last part is most hilarious.

The thing is, he ALWAYS says that he wanted to make happy story with happy ending, but the way he writes and S-tendency of him never allows it.

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