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[People] Wakaki Tamiki, "Mangaka of 'Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai" - Behind story that you can't read without tears

若木 民喜
(1972 May 9~)
he ain't dead
Holy Crystal Albatross (聖結晶アルバトロス) - 2006
The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, 神のみぞ知るセカイ) - 2008
Various Oneshots that all failed

Wakaki Tamiki is now one of the popular mangaka from Weekly Shonen Sunday, now serialising 'Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai' for almost 3 years, reaching almost 150th chapter now.

However, behind this success, there is long history behind it. Katsuragi Keima, is actually reflection of 'AUTHOR HIMSELF', Wakaki's life was capturing god. All those expert knowledges and ability to portray parodies in brilliant manner are all coming from his struggling for over 13 years of NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) life.


1. Before the Suffering - 'Rising new figure of the Mangaka'

Wakaki Tamiki was born in Osaka, and graduated 'KYOTO UNIVERSITY'. He studied manga by 'HIMSELF' and submitted his first one shot in 1993 (age of 21), achieving 'Shogakukan Comics Award' the grand prize. He was first acclaimed to be 'Rising new figure who's future 10 years are anticipated'. No-one knew this will actually become '13 years' later.

2. START OF HELL (already?)

After receiving some bad acclaims from the manga editor from various one shots, he disappeared from the world due to shock. After a year, he returns again as a newbie and starts his first assistant job under Takemura Yuuji, by finding that editor who scolded him. (and that editor is still Wakiki's manga editor until now...>_>)

Assistant work didn't help him in anyway from getting another serialization, thus falling into endless despair. Even with that excellent scholarship, he became NEET and came back to his hometown (OSAKA). Not just NEET, but as a 'Hardcore Hikikomori' (shut-in). He started his endless game life from this time on, and when he returned to Tokyo, it was already 6 years past since he first achieved the award. (now 27 years old) In 2000 January, he submitted oneshot called 'First Touch' (ファースト タッチ) and he was already 28. This failed again, and he fell into even deeper despair.

(...endless tears)

3. 13 Years later

In 2006, which was already 13 years past (he is already 33 at this stage...) after his entrance to hell-gate, named 'Holy Crystal Albatross'. However, his suffering hasn't ended.

The content itself was based on his old one shot called 'Information Thief Group Albatross' in 2004. He serialised it for around 1 year, but suddenly got 'CANCELED' for its extremely low popularity. Something that is more saddening is that he was never able to finish its ending properly. For instance, the story was something about collecting 5 crystals, but ended with only collecting 2 and suddenly got gainax ending. Wakaki Tamiki made a blog post to explain all the plot+foreshadows+questions regards to storyline due to his sudden cancel.

and pretty famous incident, 'I have less than 10,000 yen left in my bank balance'. (finally hit the bottom of hell)  He says 'Now my bank balance fell below 10,000 yen. If I don't get any sort of cash by next week, I can't pay any public utility charges, thus I'm going back to the stone-age.' Funny thing is that he says that he had three choices left; 1. Lowering quality 2. debt 3. Canceling pre-order of NINJAGAIDEN2. His choice was number 2... (...) He ends his blog with 'it's a world of majors which I longed and longed for, but why is it so painful...'. (*endless tears)

4. Escape from Hell - Becoming icon of otaku industry

His life changes with the one shot Koishite!? Kami-sama!! ( 恋して!? 神様!!).
Cover of the one shot (elsie has nice body)
The reception of this one shot wasn't too good. In internet + otaku community, it was groundbreaking one. (otaku can capture girls with knowledge from games!!!!) Everyone else thought it is shit. Since there were too much spare space for Shonen Sunday, it just went through to the serialisation, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai.

With the actual series, editing department never liked it at first. Their prediction was 'This will never get over 5th volume, how can this shit get popular!' sort of thing. However, it gradually got recognition from general readers, not just eroge/galge otakus who were already treating it as 'Godly Manga'. Finally, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai hits 11th volume now, and even got an animation.

and finally, he escapes from endless cycle of NEET, and becomes one of the most influential mangaka in Shonen Sunday.

5. Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai - Reflexion of Despair

Wakaki Tamiki's dramatic history is portrayed greatly in Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, no it's Wakaki Tamiki's SOUL.

1. You find how first 4 captures go with the lightning speed pacing. That's all become he was afraid that this might get the same treatment as Holy Crystal Albatross, which got canceled and screwed ending due to pacing issues. Wakaki Tamiki tends to go with the pacing that long-term serialisation work tends to take, and it is the worst kind of approach when mangaka does not have any sort of fanbase to ignore all those slow pacing during the start. Knowing this failure of his previous work, he had to go faster this time.

2. Keima = Wakaki Tamiki is largely accepted for everyone who knows his back history. All those knowledge of galge is based on his own experience.

3. Keima frequently says 'Reality is shit'. That's what Wakaki Tamiki said all the time in his blog. (...)

4. He frequently describes the problems of manga industry  that he experienced by 'himself'. Due to his 13 years of NEET Hikikomori (worst combination ever) life, he experienced how 'ROTTEN REALITY IS' and how he 'DESPERATELY ESCAPE FROM IT' through gaming. After all, he is from Kyoto University, and smart enough to know what's going on. (but thirteen years?...)

5. He actually played female eroge by himself for the sole reason of drawing Goido Yui's case. (...he is capturing god himself...>_>)

6. He never EVER takes a break. He says 'I'm afraid of taking a break'.

7. He describes Keima as 'A person who insist upon his thoughts, leads the situation as if it is the right thing, but 'A LUNATIC'. (Wakaki knows he is crazy)

8. In 8th Volume, he wrote his pathetic story... (*can't read without tears)

Age of 21 - 'Shogakukan Comics Award' Grand Prize, praised to be 'Huge new figure who's future 10 years are anticipated'
22 - Trashed for not being able to adapt to the serialisation system + cult material
23 - Not employed
24 - Game
25 - Game
26 - Determination to finally do something
27 - After 6 years, going back to Tokyo for return
28 - Again got criticised for the theme, breakdown
29 - deceived myself with gaming
30 - cannot escape anymore
31 - Finally realise that it is irrevocable
32 - Outcries, 'go to hell this damned world!'
33 - Albatross serialised due to staff's mistake
34 - Albastros canceled due to staff's power
35 - I checked my bank balance and it was 10,000 yen (*endless tears)
36 - After 10 years of gaming experience, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai announced, offline treats me as madman, online thinks me as god. There were some sayings in editor department, 'Let's just cancel this since it is annoying'.
37 - 'Shogakukan Comics Award' .... REJECTED. (orz)
- various events created some topics, tears for additional printing that I heard for the first time of my career.
- Animation announced, draw chapter to commemorate it.



When I first read about his history, I finally realised what manga Bakuman has always been talking about. Manga is gambling. One hit, changes ones life. However, Wakaki Tamiki is a bit extreme case. 13 years of NEET and come-back as popular mangaka is something unheard of. It was also time when I started to really respect his creation, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, which is consist of all his despair, sorrow and soul of his past 13 years of hell.

Well... that's it for today. I might do Urobuchi Gen next time. Duh.
Edited: lol, I read it myself again, and grammar/spelling errors are unbearable. Fixing some parts.


  1. Wow I didn't know about that this manga was autobiographical. It is so sad. I must watch at least the anime.

    And yeah do Urobuchi please. We might be able to know why his stories are so scary.

  2. I don't know if (* endless tears) was just you being sarcastic but I don't care, this is one good post and I give a nod to Tamaki Wakaki for his brilliance and talent and to you for providing a summary of his hardship as a mangaka. kudos

  3. I agree with lostnlazy. The entry itself was pretty good, but the <*endless tears> stuff is over-repeated.

    Still great entry. I watched S1 of the anime and will follow S2, but the manga I haven't checked yet.

  4. Are you sure it's volume 8 because I can't find anything about this in the volume.

  5. @anon

    I think the omake chapter for ramen girl and the ghost arc is what ringOtamegane is talking about... It contains concepts that was (brutally) trashed by the editor

  6. Q~Q... The Creator of God.

    ringOtamegane, can I copy this and put it at my channel ? I shall credit you for this. I am the creator of a small fan-based group for TWGOK, known as Kamitaku's Lounge. Wanna share this to all...

  7. There's a mistake, he's from Kyoto University not least that's what the Japanese Wikipedia says.

  8. @Anon: Fixed mistake. It is Kyoto... @_@ I don't know why I did it...

  9. @lostnazy: There are no sarcasm. (*endless tears)


    @Another Anon: My old data base says its from volume 8... I don't know.

    @Chido55: Yes you can, as long as you state the source. And it's not like I can prevent this from being copied.

  10. @ ringOtamegane

    Just doing it the right way. :3
    ^^ Here.

  11. I never thought that the creator of my favorite series will have a past like this.....

  12. I'm gonna salute him and follow his footsteps...hopefully it won't take me 13 years, though.

  13. Read the manga, the story keeps getting awesome on the later part

  14. A very inspiring read and yep one of my favourites.

  15. My God was created through despair...
    thats why his soul can be this strong and shown through manga!
    being a mangaka requires skill and mostly experience.

  16. thank you! once again i got invalueable info about mangaka

  17. wtff i was wondering why this manga/anime was so unique and now i know...ty...for ppl out there this manga/anime is awesome AWESOME!!!! ur wasting ur life by not watching it!!! SHITTTT I NEED MORE!!! WAKAKI DRAW FASTER!!!!!!!!

  18. the story of a Madao is always touching because it can take man's tears.

  19. Wakaki Tamiki

    More like ZashikiWaShiki

  20. OMG.. I now truly appreciate him.. I even wanted to donate/help for his work...!

  21. Sad, just sad.I want to buy all of his work.

  22. Damn it! It's epic! Can I re-post this on my blog to honor him?

  23. dang, made me feel kinda bad. at first i thought he just a lazy guy whose job is playing game everyday. but after i read this, i know why he played game everyday. so guilty guilty guilty