Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Random] Rant rant rant... about blog

World is shit. - mister ikeman says

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It's been one third of the year since I've started this shit blog. Well honestly, it has been tons of procrastination already. u.u~~

I dropped every anime this season (since they all suck) except Madoka Magica and Infinite Stratos, and due to the earthquake, they are both getting delayed indefinitely, especially Madoka (I seriously wonder wtf Urobuchi did with the ending. There is seriously something fishy about all those delays). Spring season has too much releases, so it's painful to do another 'staff/cast' data base post like I did with winter season. I do have draft of Spring one, of course, but I'm too busy to actually finish it currently. Maybe 3 weeks later when I actually get some free time, I will complete it.

I hear in a lot of 'whatever forums or image boards' talking about how 'the worst Shaft-fag blogger ever' has blog called animapple, which is awesome. Everyone in the internet has to be a fan of something, and if you are a fan, that instantly means that you are crazy. In fact, this can also conclude that every single internet users are crazy. (

Madoka Magica is being my only way to give off stress from my life, currently. Thus delaying is seriously bullshiting me. But from the fact I did nothing to support Japan Earthquake Crisis, I know I'm in no position to complain more. (*assuming that Japan is actually using all those aids+supplies+helps+funds from the world, instead of piling them up and do nothing.... oh wait.. they aren't.)

I still can't read Kanji properly. I don't have time to memorise them anyway, so I manually 'draw' them in my electronic dictionary to translate (I use Japanese to Korean one, which tends to be 1000 times more accurate than Japanese to English). It's extremely effective time waster, and I'm actually doing it. Duh.




  1. You are awesome. Fellow Shaftfag from Argentina.

  2. Shaftfag from Mexico here. You're not alone. Please keep up with the blog, Amigo.

    Also, why do you think Madoka Threads in 4chan are now called "There's no more reason to live" General? SHAFT has a very strong fanbase.

    (Good to see comments are back on.)

  3. Shaftfag from Russia here as well. Nice blog. Keep going!

  4. Huh? I thought you dropped IS, glad you picked it up.

    Anyway, maybe you should recruit some proofreader or something who fixes your english.

  5. Shaftfag from Canada. Stay strong with the blog.

  6. kudos to your dedication hardcore shaft fan *salutes*

  7. Are you implying that IS is not suck? I like character design and the battle animation looks cool. But that's all about it. It's just another anime in my book which the only memorable moment is to look for H-doujin for fapping material.

    What really puzzles me is how the hell this series is so popular (second to Madoka, of course). What's in this show that is better than other generic harem show? Is it because a part of it is robot anime? The dullness is on the incredible level. Worst characters and worst story. Well, that France-tan may be the most likable character but only because other characters are much worst. It would be awesome if that whatever-his-name-is turns out to be a siscon. If it's incest then I only approve for hot big sister. LOL

    It's truly suck in my book! It's suck so much that I just watch it for the lulz. Reading sarcastic comments about the series is actually more fun than watching the anime itself. LOL

  8. @Anon: IS is successful because it is generic of generic of generic harem. It's following every fuckin single cliche and that's how it works.

    Plus, it purify your mind and soul so effectively when you watch after Madoka Magica.