Monday, April 25, 2011

[Info] Biglobe's Spring 2011 - Staisfaction + Disappointment survey.

'The best of the spring 2011 list from Biglobe'

  1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  2. Ano Hana
  3. Hana-saku Iroha
  5. Steins;Gate
  6. IS: Infinite Stratos
  7. Star Driver - Takuto of the light
  8. Nichijou
  9. Denpa Onna to Seishon Otoko
  10. A-Channel
My opinion on this list;
  • LOL IT'S MADO MAGI. What do you expect?
  • I'm really glad otaku is definitely showing some taste. Ano Hana IS the best animation of this season, for me.
  • Hana-saku? It is refreshing for some, not for others. But 3rd episode changed my opinion. It IS a good show. Much better than average series.
  • Tiger & Bunny is the dark horse of this season. Fujoushi loves it.
  • Ah, if I rate by satisfaction only, Steins;Gate probably is the top in my own list. Mystery is <3
  • I want Denpa Onna higher on the list. But 9th place isn't bad anyway.

'The worst of the spring 2011 list from biglobe'

  1. Nichijou
  2. Steins;Gate
  3. Dog Days
  4. Health Education for 30s
  5. Hana-saku Iroha
  7. Hidan no Aria
  8. Denpa Onna to Seishon Otoko
  9. Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai
  10. A-Channel
My personal opinion on this list;
  • I, totally agree with the disappointment over Nichijou. Directions are just horrible. It is boring series, which we normally don't expect from Kyoani production. Sadly, it requires some endurance to keep your eyes on horribly spaced gags and disconnected sequences that cuts your attention consecutively.
  • In case of Steins;Gate, it's VN adaptation, what do you expect? Not everyone will be satisfied. Beside, some people will get confused  since they are dumb due to its 'supposedly' ridiculous pacing and chu-ni-byou annoyingness of Miyano Mamoru.
  • DOG DAYS = Utter disappointment. Completely agree.
  • Hidan no Aria... lol... I had absolutely no expectation for this series, and it seems a lot of others did. Honestly, there was nothing that is special about that series.
  • A-Channel is 10th place in this list again. In my case, I hated it. Boring as fuck.

Well duh. Just by the fact Nichijou is on the top of 'disappointment' list, I approve this entire survey.


  1. But Dog Days have indication better than other anime. Here the phrases which have order to create a new sophistication of anime :
    -"But a closer examination reveals a number of intriguing advances."
    -"But the ease and eagerness with which summoned human Sink Izumi accepts his new surroundings and role, and his seeming suitability for his newly appointed duty are far more advanced than prior anime of this sort."
    -"Furthermore, the true nature of the “war” between the cats and the dogs, taking inspiration from live-action Japanese television, also suggests a new degree of creative sophistication unlike earlier anime"

  2. @ines93290: Yeah, the problem is that isn't exactly what I was expecting - War that isn't war but just entertainment.

  3. Madoka at the first? mm Well I like Madoka so much but should it be included as a proper Spring anime?

    I know that the last 2 episodes can beat alone some of the series of this season easily but it was more like an special with the 2 episdes rather than a normal anime emission.

  4. @moichispa: You should also notice that it had IS: Infinite Stratos in the list, also. ;) It's more like this winter season was so shit, they could not able to make satisfaction list for the winter season alone. Thus, they just put two exceptionally successful series into the survey. Simple as that.

  5. Which is the difference between Nichijou and A Channel in terms of story level and general success, but also the animation quality and the direction ?

  6. Oh, you forgot to mention that Nichijou is also on the 'best of' list... before Denpa Onna :D

  7. @ines93290: It's expectation vs satisfaction formula. People had high expectation on Nichijou, when A-channel got almost no hype. That's why Nichijou has to be highest.

    If I talk difference between those two with my very personal stance, of course Nichijou is better. Animation is better, gags are better, quality is better, uniqueness is better. In terms of direction, I can't really compare them since they were equally bad in my opinion. Nichijou makes funny gags unfunny through frequent disconnection from the situation, when I have some issue with the content itself in case of A-channel.

  8. A channel is an uninspired anime with only moe
    Kyoani has lost talent since K-ON!!, they really need a good story.
    People are impressed by Iroha mostly due to it's phenomenal animation quality, the story is average, not exciting but not bad.
    Anohana should be the black horse, there wasn't much expectation for it before ep 1.

    Madoka could be listed as spring anime, but why is IS up there??

  9. "You should also notice that it had IS: Infinite Stratos in the list, also......."

    Wow,this explanation works

    By the way, Madoka has more votes than the 2nd and 3rd anime combined.I still remember the first few polls in the winter season with Madoka as the last few.

  10. Wait, Otamegane, do you add Summer anime line-up with a list of titles scheduled for this new season (story+staff/cast+broadcast airing with day and timeslot)+ your personal opinion please ?

  11. @ines93290: Summer line-ups are not stable yet. In case of this season's staff/cast data base, I'm working on it... ;_; It is too freakin exhausting.

  12. The true dark horse in this season is TIGER & BUNNY.