Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Info] You say animation industry is dying? Fuck your shit - Kadokawa Group Result forcast revised upward

Consolidated full-year earning forecast and dividends of Kadokawa Group Holdings for 2011 is revised upwards, in 26th of 8th. Consolidated net sales has increased from 136 billion yen to 140 billion 50 million yen. Operating income increased from 6.4 billion to 7.79 billion, ordinary income is from 7 billion to 8.57 billion yen. Net income also adjusted significantly higher from 2.3 billion to 6.36 billion yen; this is 2.8 times higher than initial prospect. Forecast for Year-end dividend also increased from 30 yen to 35 per week.

According to Kadokawa group, the major reason for brightened forecast is from the effect of TV animation adapted light-novels; power of media-mix. There were some delicious increase from the novels/manga that has benefited from this media-mix, thus earning increases. Major increase DVD/BD sales was also great advantage. (*Kadokawa price orz...)

Anyway, I really think people should STOP saying that 'animu industry is falling! orz' sort of thing. It is actually getting better due to creepy otakus. Depressions? That applied to basically every industry in the world, not just animu part.


  1. It seems that in News, Editorials and Vox Populli comments, it's popular to be negative and grim.

    Things are NEVER as bas as people makes them look.

  2. KoreZon, saving the anime industry one episode at a time!

  3. They are just hypocrite.

  4. 'TV animation adapted light-novels'
    I think this is actually a problem, the movie industry would be considered dead if 60% of movies were adapted from comics,novels etc.

  5. @Anon: You misinterpreted what I said. Kadokawa group is publisher; what they mean is light-novel adapted animation boosted the sales of 'LIGHT NOVEL'.

    The part that is actually more important is 'increase in DVD/BD sales'.

  6. Far from it, the success of Sailor Moon Crystal with more than 2 million viewers worldwide is a proof of a new business model

    You can read more here, if you'd like:

    is the anime industry dying?