Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Madoka]Not just Shinbo and Urobuchi, but also Iwakami P have intention to do sequel for Mado Magi

Not translating since I'm fuckin tried. Thus, if anyone wants to translate this, do it yourself and comment so that I can copy and paste (*ima lazy shit).

Producer Iwakami is someone I think as 'TRUE WINNER' of this series. It's not Shaft, Ume-zenzei, Kajiura yuuki, and not even Urobuchi. Iwakami P was someone who initially suggested original mahou shoujo series of Shaft, who gave Fate/Zero to Shinbo so that he knows who Urobuchi is, who brought Ume-sensei, Shaft and Kajiura for the unbeatable team. In this article, he says he does have some intention of doing sequel for Madoka Magica, which is 'confirmed own-age'. Most of 2ch response is negative, since they also think sequel will kill the greatness of original series.

Maybe he is just joking aside, just like Shinbo... and Urobuchi... maybe.. (*eh)


  1. I thought the "Mahou Shoujo Hunters" of the manga was enough of a good sequel.

    Hmmm, kinda want...

  2. Iwakami should definitely be respected for his ambition to create such a series, away from the mainstream light-novel adaption crap

    But a sequel will ruin his name... Legendary short series never get sequels, for a GOOD REASON

  3. SHAFT has established a sellable franchise so let them milk this anime as they see fit. Besides, there are numerous timelines and probably, one timeline would simply have Madoka as a normal girl. Though personally, I'd rather they animete Oriko Magica or even give a story about Charlotte (witch)