Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Madoka] MadoMagi BD/DVD vol. 1 finally released!!

Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica volume 1 BD/DVD is finally on-sale in Akiba market, after 1 month of delay due to walpurgis night supercell disastrous earthquake and tsunami.

Amazon Link: http://amazon.co.jp/dp/B004INGZAE


Original character design and Ume-zenzei 4-cut manga is also included.

2ch-purchase confirmation shots;

*Tip = The reason they are buying multiple CDs is due to the character book-mark sort of thing that randomly selects one of 4 main characters per each volume... (*evil aniplex who drains otaku's money money money)

Now, only thing is waiting for its 1st week sales result...


  1. Wow nice packcage. I'm curious about how well madoka sells.

  2. Having just discovered your site. I find myself envious of a fellow anime-viewer who declares himself a Shaftfag, but goes further by creating and updating a very nice blog.

    That said, I mean envious in a way that expresses far more admiration than jealousy to you.

    Congratulations on your purchase by the way.

    Yours truly, a fellow Shaftfag.

  3. I have a question for your faq. How much money from these Blu-rays and DVDs goes to Shaft and how much goes to Aniplex?

  4. @Avi S. Bodek: I haven't ordered it though. Lol. Currently, my money spending is frozen due to shit-parents restriction... ;_; I really want to purchase it before (*another earthquake) anything happens...

    @Anon: If it was normal case, majority goes to Aniplex, distributors and other sponsors who invested. But in case of Madoka Magica, it is original animation --> SHAFT is one of the original creator. Thus, they will earn hell a lot than what they got from Bakemonogatari.

  5. Damn, this is so epic, how well did the first volume sell?
    By the way, where is your long impression?

  6. @Anon: Due to my current academical hazards, I'm focusing on those more.

  7. Btw. Shaft hasn't fixed any of the QUALITY, only changed some random unnecessary stuff, yes I mad.

  8. @Anon: What do you mean about 'quality'... >_>

    Wait, did you want them to just remake the entire episode? Then, that's too much even for Shaft.

  9. Shaft's first episodes is always good enough. But every time I watch their series I can't imagine what they may change in bd version.

  10. @ringOtamegane: I think the anon 3 comments above was referring to the "meduka" stuff.

  11. @kFYatek: Meduka megaku is intentional + technique when drawing character smaller. There is no-way they are going to fix it.