Friday, April 22, 2011

[Madoka Magica] Ending impression - short version, no spoiler

What can I say...

After that scene, I had to clap. I thank Shaft, Urobuchi, all the staffs for delivering this fantastic series.

*longer version later


  1. I feel like there was little to none reason for delaying it. It was a good ending, I agree, but I feel it could have been more (maybe I feel like that because I need to wait for ubs to fully understand it).

    Streaming it at 4chan was glorious. History in the making (threads reached 300 posts in 10 minutes, Mods began deleting threads for the kicks, it was a blast).

  2. The ending was bad because Madoka dissapeared early then I see the final scene where Homura has wings along with white morons.

  3. @ines93290: Then you write the ending. Let's see if there was any better solution to make this ending happy other than making Madoka God.

    For me, this was the best solution that Urobuchi could possibly make.

  4. The animation was lacking, but other than that... Solid tear-jerker, wish there weren't any sci-fi elements to begin with. Agreed that with all the elements thrown into the mix, this was indeed one of the best possible endings written.

  5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Finale is a tribute to the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ. And so why it aired on the late night of April 21.