Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Madoka] Volume 1 BD/DVD - Aniplex announces recall due to defective sound recording and misprinted guide book

Due to mis-recording in the second episode and several typos from guide book, Aniplex decides to do recall for the defective disks. This isn't the first time Aniplex did mistake - Ore Imo booklet, Kara no Kyoukai Box, Shiki CD.... but recalling Blu-ray disk itself is quite out of ordinary.

But of course, that recording mistake was pretty hilarious. Shaft won't lose much from this, but Aniplex/Sony will get some damage. Well, I don't really care since Aniplex is evil.


  1. If the problem is from the defective production. How come they just do a selective recall? Aren't all discs defected?

  2. @Anon: Well I worded wrong I think. Fixed.

  3. I agree lol! Kusony/ANIPLEX are so evil greedy xD