Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Review] Spring 2011 - First impression; April 5th

This will be (extremely) brief summary of the my current first impression for series;

Hana-saku Iroha = Oooooooooook, wonderful visual, wonderful music. But, morning drama storyline which is done 100 times before. I don't think this will be anything that is memorable

Nichijou = 'Too good to be true' quality for a mere astral not-so-slice-of-life comedy show, expected from Kyoto Animation. However, it was boring than funny most of the time.

Steins;Gate = Nico Nico quality is shit, but most impressing one so far. I was so focused during the entire episode.



  1. Dunno why, but I yawned a lot during Steins;Gate... however I loved the first ep of Nichijou :O

  2. which subs are you watching for the three show

  3. @Anon 1: Yawned? You can yawn anytime regardless of something is boring or not. :P

    @Anon 2: Anything available.

  4. ^ I'm pretty sure I did it because it was boring, lol. I didn't yawned before and after the episode :D

  5. Steins;Gate looks like it's going to be very complex and hard to follow, I also didn't liked the art direction that much.

    Everything else (like the general direction) was great though.