Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Shutage] ... I'm surprised.

Steins;Gate is seriously unhyped in gaijin world. I guess either people are biased due to shit-sucks-ness of Chaos;Head or confused due to Okarin's complete chunibyou action.

Either way, Steins;Gate was the only thing that was genuinely interesting this season, for me. For Nichijou and HanaIro, both of them had superior animation/art quality, but with very disappointing contents. Of course I will watch them still, but that can't surpass my new-born fanboism for nitro+.

(*still shaft-fag, though)


  1. I read the basic plot of Steans;Gate, and while it looks interesting, it was made by the same staff that made Chaos;Head, which, while I haven't read the VN, is a mediocre anime.

    And I thought you were interested in Denpa Onna, dude. What happened?

  2. @PR: It hasn't aired. Simply that.

  3. I'm even too much hyped for Steins;Gate, maybe I'm an exception XD Already can't wait for the next episode!