Friday, April 1, 2011

[Tore] Shinbo - "Kizumonogatari is delayed again!" - will be released in 2013

 According to Shinbo's recent tweeter, Kizumonogatari will NOT be released in 2012 according to their current schedule which is already filled with the another project with Aniplex the moneywhore. He only said it will be another original project with the whole new team planned with Iwakami, but in the result, Kizumonogatari seems to be their last priority work...

2ch and many fans are outraging with this announcement, and after impact seems to be massive enough to affect the sales of Madoka Magica...



  1. New original project with the same team or another team?

    Please not the same team, I want to be surprised by SHAFT.

  2. As if I don't expect this... LOL

  3. So many April 1st huh?