Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Blogging] Exam critical

Homu homu homu homu homu homu~~

 Just a few random things about my current status, before disappearing from internet due to exam critical.

  • My course = International Baccalaureate (IB) = Hell
  • Applying for medicine = hard as fuck
  • Have Australian citizienship = no korean military critical = yey?....
  • Teachers in my school = Bunch of unprofessional money devourer
  • Exam = Annoying = Everything is annoying
  • My school chemistry teacher getting fired for not teaching and not marking exams/IAs = Super win
  • Extended Essay from IB = like thesis = hard as fuck
  • UMAT = Killer exam = Killing me
  • Life is bullshit
The end.


  1. There are others out there who sympathize with you! IB student taking HL Calculus ;_;.

  2. Best luck with the exam! =)

  3. I knew about people doing IB here and they complained about how difficult it was. Good luck!

  4. MEDICINE....good luck