Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Blogging] Studio that is best for adapting light novels (Haganai)?

After reading Haganai animation announcement, I started to think about studios or staffs who are best at adapting LNs. There are few that comes straight into my mind;

AIC: I think, it is one of the most passable studio for any LN adaptation. Ore no Imouto was pretty nice, even though it was a bit too ordinary. Simple directions, faultless pacing, normal sakuga... It also means the series will be heavily dependent on original LN's capacity.

SHAFT: This is my opinion, but LN that Shaft can animate properly is Nisioisin-line-writers. What I meant about 'Nisioisin-style' is about lengthening sentence on and on for simple description, heavy dialogues, infinite parodies and puns and distorted characters. Denpa Onna might be successful series Sakuga wise, I don't think it was successful in telling story, due to its in-focusable dialogues. It's partly original writer's (Nisioisin >>>>>>>>>>>> Wall that cannot be passed >>>>>>>>>> Iruma) fault, but also series composition (who is.... so amatuerish).

However, I doubt there will be anyone else who is better at adapting Buruki's design other than Asa-ne. That's one big factor especially for Haganai. But it also needs prerequisite that OISHI TATSUYA MUST DIRECT the series; his style fits perfectly for any LN with weird atmosphere and heavy dialogues. Or, no chance being a success.

JC Staff: HELL NO, unless Nagai Tatsuyuki is involved. Sakuga will be 100% ruined and become exactly like other adaptation by JC Staff.

Studio DEEN: Don't even want to consider. Death flag. Mamiru-flag.

Kyoto Animation: Now I remember Full Metal Panic and Suzumiya Haruhi. That was lucky case, actually; no-one can really deny that one of the primary contributor for success of Suzumiya Haruhi franchise has to be Yamakan (contrast to how shit he is doing now). I don't mind them adapting it, but problem is that they never EVER did 'One Boy Many Girls' series. Their directions from Nichijou was very disappointing, thus I'm not sure if I will be amused about Haganai directed by them.

Beside, I will never allow Buruki's design being K-Onified.

Bones: I suddenly thought about Gosick. Yeaaaah pass.

Surprising these are pretty much it. To summarise my opinion; AIC as prime contractor, Nagai  Tatsuyuki directed, character design by Asa-ne, Kyoto Animation sakuga, Shaft+Oishi Tatsuyu editing will be the GOLDEN combination for adapting Haganai. Of course, it is impossible... (...)

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  1. Gosick sucked not because of Bones but because of Gosick.

    With that premise I think A-1 pictures or AIC will be animating this. But for who I want to animate this, definitely KyoAni.