Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Blogging] Who thinks 2011 is the best

Homura homu~homu~
It's 2011 and no-one expected it, but I'm seeing huge amount of increases in quality of animation airing this year. Madoka Magica and Infinite Stratos already overwhelmed this winter season, and we have more to come this Spring, with Okada Mari Max-potential with Ano Hana and Hana Saku, Dark Horse Tiger & Bunny (I haven't seen it though), Super-moe Denpa Onna and Kami-ge Steins;Gate.

and now, I suddenly realise...


What is more epic than that? This is the best year, better than last adding 3 years' lackluster line-ups.


  1. Everyones been saying this is the best year since 2007. 06-07 is the golden age of the 00s.

  2. I was thinking that, specially this season. But mai waifu came out in 2009, so it's hard to say... even if the year as a whole wasn't that good.

    I guess I'll have to wait to Kizumonogatari and say that year was the best (2015? 2020? lol)

  3. This has been on my radar since last year and quite anticipated since the plot disaster of the UBW Movie.
    But to me FSN and Kajiura combo sounds like big SUCK.
    FSN and Kawai combo was and is epic.

    I only hope Kajiura gets out of her generic sounds. 85%-90% of her works sound quite the same. Through Madoka did luckly have a few newer "innovativ" tunes. As long as she keeps it up...

  4. You're right I'm starting to get my hope back about anime.

  5. @Anon: Kajiura's music fit best with Madoka Magica, that's for sure. Others are meh. Not sure about Fate Zero, but what I know is that only thing I found interesting about Kara no Kyoukai was its music. Fate/Zero is on different level. It's not music inappropriately overwhelming the animation just like other Kajiura-music series (Noir, Madlax...), Story is supposed to be jaw droppingly good.

    But hey, it's ufotable. They have been collecting fund just for their new series. They will do good.

  6. Kajiura also made the music for Kara no Kyokai, and recieved praise
    Both of Fate and Kara no kyokai are both under the same universe, I think that she could do a good job.

    But FSN and UBW (not the game) sucked,which makes me wonder will the same happen to FZ.
    Also, Urobuchi probably won't participate in the script-transformation

  7. > Kajiura composing for Fate/zero TV anime
    My only regret here is that the Nitroplus-flavored Fate/zero Image and Drama CD soundtracks won't be used.

    No "The Lancer".
    No "The Berserker".
    No "Magus Killer".
    No "EMIYA -Time Alter-".
    No "Starlit Faith".

  8. "Story is supposed to be jaw droppingly good."
    Ever so much more reason, i regret this, because Kawais score was jaw-droppingly good.
    Kara no Kyoukai's was decent. A handful was fine to good.
    Quater to half of Madoka sounds like generic Kajiura. (Other half was very good, my only last hope...)

    Trying to imagine FSN to sound like KnK makes me get goosebumps of horror...

  9. "Story is supposed to be jaw droppingly good."
    As someone who finished reading Fate/zero a long time ago, I could say that stay night and zero are way, way different in tone, with the latter darker and grittier than the former (Urobuchi wrote Zero, after all). Remember that excerpt from Urobuchi's Volume 1 afterword to Zero, the one which anticipated Madoka in so many ways? Bear in mind that he hasn't recovered at the time he wrote the four LNs.

  10. http://gigazine.net/news/20110503_typemoon_pv_machiasobi6/
    Amazing quality indeed.