Monday, May 23, 2011

[Info] Wakaki Tamiki - 'I'm aiming for 3rd, 4th season of Kami Nomi!'

TS: Watanabe's saying [Kami Nomi shouldn't be stopped for a long time! 3rd and 4th season please!], so I said [Then can you do not just character design, but also actual sakuga checking?] [I will do it!] [It would be very nice, but will you? I will write it on twitter] [It's fine~ do it~]

Watanabe Akio is character designer for Kami Nomi animation.

Aim for infinite season! All hail keima!


  1. : DDDDDD I hope it does continue
    Thanks for writing this. I hope it could happen... I liked some of the romance scenes in the anime more than the manga, but unlike the manga, the anime can't make comedy and still keep a serious sort of tone.
    I guess it's too early for me to ask for the sales preorder ranking etc lol.

    it makes me wonder... what if SHAFT or KyoAni picked this up, LOL.

  2. Also I liked the first episode of Kaminomi but you didn't. I liked it because it had heaps of content, little jokes and art style changes. I don't like it when they take too long on the romance parts or when it's forced.

    Did you think Haqua's arc seemed forced in the anime? :o

    aah~ I still love kaminomi but manglobe... if anything bad happens to kaminomi i will hate you! lol.

  3. as long as Tamaki directs the anime, making it as goofy as the manga then i'm game since the current flow of Kaminomi, along with its character designs lacks the manga original fun :D

  4. Hell! i am okay with anime chara design and pace...

    Though the director kinda bad doing action stuff(especially Haqua arc)

    If the anime goes exactly like manga then some people would think no point watching it.

  5. How can they do an other season? I saw that the preorders of DVD are terrible...At 96.000 (or something like this)in Amazon chart... O_o

  6. 96.000th place, I meant.

  7. I read the manga, and those are really my biggest hopes. Especially since the REAL Story starts way later (it cant even start earlier, so we must stay patient).