Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Madoka] BD Vol. 2 - Shinbo interview.

So.... really the last post, until exam ends. 

From BD vol.2 Booklet;

Akiyuki Shinbo: 'I will don't know if I will be able to create a work like this ever again, during my life time'

As a fan, this words left me quite a lot of impressions.... ;_;

He also said stuffs that he spent really hard time working on this series, due to evil Urobuchi dark and depressing atmosphere that the show had (he said he couldn't handle its depression as well as he did when he was young).


  1. Just make more Bakemonogatari, then, Shinbo.

    Also, Bakemono > Madoka

  2. NOOOO i want more Madoka

    Madoka >>>>>>>> Bakemonogatari

  3. Then let's do more Bakemonogatari and madoka and everybody will be happy.

    Wow, I'm impressed too those words are just perfect to describe whats Madoka is.

  4. Bakemonogatari and Madoka are both impressive, but my vote will go to Madoka because it is an original anime. I think it is tougher to built a fanbase on an original work than an already established work, and looking how the BD/DVD sales of Madoka are owning right now (still less than Bakemonogatari), still Madoka has proven itself to be one of the better series in recent times.

    It would be nice if SHAFT can create another original series like what they did in Madoka. Of course it would hurt if they can made an adaptation that would rival Bakemonogatari :)

  5. Shinbo has probably done his best work of his life, creating a show with legendary hype (and it's original!) not many directors manage to achieve that. And he is 50 already, things could start becoming more difficult.

    PS:Yamakan is sobbing in the corner.

  6. so, how about those oricon dailies...

  7. I've always thought Shinbo would have no problem making asomething like Madoka due to his brilliant experience with things like Soul Taker and Petite Cossette, but it's actually been tough for him, too! Don't feel old, Shinbo-sensei, making a show out of Gen Urobuchi's script is bound to be depressing for anyone. In fact, it almost seems to me that Petite Cossette was brighter in comparison. ^_^;
    But this explains why he considered making a slice-of-life spin-off. Still, I'll eagerly wait for anything Madoka-related to come, as long as Magica Quartet is at it, whatever genre is involved. And I have to agree - there are many Shinbo works I love, but this one has given me the biggest emotional impact, bundled with lots of justified hype and awesome production. Even more than Itoshiki or Mesousa, Madoka Kaname deserves to be the poster character for studio Shaft.

  8. There should be more anime with original plots.
    I thoroughly enjoy the guess game between one episode and the next.
    If you hire talented writers like Urobuchi and Mari Okada, the result is practically guaranteed.
    (Well, let's forget Fractale for a moment... ^^;)

  9. The problem with original anime is that the writer is usually shit.
    The better writers either do light novels or VNs.
    Gen is a rare example of successful transformed ones, look at Angel Beats, a perfect example of how a brilliant VN writer wrote a lame script