Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[Madoka] Looks like prediction was very accurate - v1 BD sells 53,000, total 62,097 first week.


As I predicted before (DVD: 9,000, BD: 55,000), the first volume sales of Madoka Magica was; DVD = 9,097, BD = 53,000, Total 62,097 sold. In case of Blu-ray disk, it broke the record for the 1st week sales of BD for TV series, that Bakemogatari 6th volume had with 51,000 disks sold.

Who's your mommy

My prediction is now modified;

My current prediction:
1st week: BD = 53,000 DVD = 9,097, Total ~ 62,000
2nd week: another 10,000~20,000, Total = 77,000
3rd week: another 5,000~10,000, Total = 82,000

I don't expect my prediction being right again for next two weeks, since it is simply half logics, half gut feeling.



  1. Bakemonogatari is slapped?
    Quite a feat, considering there is no light-novel readers chasing the anime. And this is right after the earthquake happened
    Also, considering the Blu-ray disks were faulted, this is a even more epic achievement

  2. lol @ the third week prediction. You realize that Bake vol 1 did 10k the second week when they finally reprinted? Than you put that at the high end of the 3rd week? lol.

  3. @westlo:... I hope you do know that Aniplex reprinted it TWICE... >_> The first reprint was not enough, so they had to print even more.