Thursday, May 5, 2011

[Madoka] Ume-zenzei Mado Magi Doujinshi - NEED SLICE-OF-LIFE SEASON 2 RIGHT NOW

On May 1st during the 5th Comics1, Aoki Ume-zenzei's mado magi doujin was sold, being the most popular one of all. I got some screeenshot from 2ch, and I need to say this.


.... oh god, Ume's drawing = the boss. Too bad we can't buy this anymore... ;_;

Especially, Kyoko's cut is so adorable.

I will really say this; everyone says Urobuchi and Shaft is ones who made Mado Magi in to success. I say Ume's influence is as big as those two. We seriously need slice-of-life version of Mado Magi. I don't care what plot-fags, story-fags or anti-moe-fags say. This is must.

(but at the end, winner is Iwakami)


  1. Urobuchi wouldn't allow that to happen
    Just like how you will never see EVA 2

  2. Okay, I need that doujin right now...

  3. How about creating a plot related second season and use the Slice of life as BD extra episodes ?

  4. How many did she print? She should have made 10000 copies.

  5. They could just use random homu's time loop as slice of life..
    At least they look happy and alive together :p
    I think it would be interesting to explain what exactly Homura's been through...

  6. Anyway...
    Love Ume Sensei drawing :3

    Is it just me or they look even cuter than in anime

    Or probably just because they're smiling? :p

  7. As the character designer, Ume obviously is better than any frame drawer in Shaft

  8. @ As the character designer, Ume obviously is better than any frame drawer in Shaft

    ......Shaft is the only should who can adapt Ume-zenzei's design most faithfully and effectively. I don't know what the hell are you talking about.

  9. Totally agreed on that last part. I think I'd like MadoMagi even more as a self-referential slice-of-life comedy.

  10. ringOtamegane
    A frame drawer is just "adapting" Ume's design, she drew the characters first, and obviously understand how to draw them better.

    Frame drawers are more used to fast drawing, and they have to understand different styles, so when it comes to the WIIIDE face, Ume does it better

  11. @Anon: You are right, it is pretty stupid to even compare working animators and mangaka.