Sunday, May 22, 2011

[random shit] ah shit...

(*Nothing in this post is important)

Woongjin Stars lost to stx orz. Fuckin stupid couch. Sending zerg in Beltway - ridiculous. They are almost returning to 50% winning rate. Hopefully, in 6th round, they will do as good as what they did in this round overall.

Now, only thing I'm looking forward to is woman-hunter beating drum (impossible shit, though). Leesang-lok is overrated.

(*If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are not Korean)


  1. Haven't paid attention to SC1 in a long time.

    I just looked up Hwasin after looking at this post and saw he was one of the people involved in match fixing. That's really sad. He always seemed to have the worst luck, and was definitely one of the best players to have never won or gotten close to winning anything. Definitely understand why he was trying to make some side money.

  2. Boxer - "Icon" of e-sports
    Hwangsin - "Icong" of e-sports

    Bean-dance rocken-roll~