Saturday, May 14, 2011

You wanted discussion right?

No fuckin way, westlo. I don't even think you are debate worthy, if you are not even able to read anything I said.

1. I never said my prediction is 100% correct, and I clearly mentioned it is half-logics, half gut feeling.
2. I effectively provided you why MadoMagi is exception to other animation, being most perfect and completed 1-cour animation ever made, with Urobuchi buff.
3. Earthquake and Recall influence was larger than I thought, thus I was wrong. I can also defend my wrong prediction in this way.
4. Fuck, 'REALITY'? Bakemonogatari's sales was simply ridiculous. Haruhi's sales was totally unexpected. I believed same thing for MadoMagi. ANY PROBLEM?
5. Yep, I'm mad. Because of you.

Fuck you, you will never, ever able to comment anything in this blog, anything. All your comments will be destroyed whenever I see.