Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Ranting] I suddenly find huge irony.

When I talk about sales and stuffs and how it is being successful seller, people say sales means nothing and does not has to do with quality thus I am wrong. When I talk about quality of Angel Beats, people mention about its sales and say I am wrong.



  1. Well
    Two persons made two different comments
    That's not ironic

  2. Objectivity is unknown to any fandom in existence. Live with it. =DDDD

    And if AB! was persistently hyped up as you mentioned, it's hard to compare its sales promotion factor to Madoka, whose promoters did nothing but troll people all the time. Madoka is a good example of a show that managed to hype itself up on the go; as much as I like Angel Beats, I wonder if its plot alone could have done exactly the same. (or maybe it did, and I'm just ignorant about it?) =)

  3. I think I'm the only one who brought up the high sales and I don't remember saying anything about quality. I just said that there are plenty of people who enjoyed the show who probably don't think any less of Maeda.

    @Snork .. objectivity is also unknown to hatedom.

  4. I'm surprised you didn't mention about the hype is how the AB! production staff bought a full page add in the same newspaper that Madoka also had an add in,except that unlike Madoka where it was already popular when the add was made,AB!'s add came out before the show started airing.

    What other late night anime has bought a full page add to promote itself before it even starts airing?

    So I don't care if someone tells me "well i wasn't so hyped about it",maybe they weren't but (sorry for the old meme) the hype level was still over 9000.
    And when you have that kind of hype,sales that aren't god level but "only" really good aren't going to be viewed as a great success.

  5. I also think wut...

    quality not necessarily relates to sales... it could just be because of advertising or fandom hype lol. Sometimes it's 'seasonal' hype. Like right now no one really talks about AB but when it was airing it was all AB! AB! AB!!!!oneone!

    but I guess with shows that aren't well known, if the quality is high then, if its very lucky then it COULD get popular. Would bakemonogatari be one? I don't know if bakemono had much hype in the beginning. I guess Haruhi would be one?? ahhh I can't think of any because usually i just watch them lollol.

    but this is just my thinking, it isn't necessarily true lol.