Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Info]DVD/BD sales - 4th week of June, revised ranking

Can't translate since it is an image file. I will assume that you guys all understand it;

Wow... Look at Madoka Magica bd sales...... It's building up more and more. I wonder why Steins;gate got almost no sales for DVD. Nichijou seems to have even worse result then what I expected. Kami Nomi... orz... No 3rd, 4th season for you, Wakaki-sensei.


  1. It's a shame, I thought it was a decent adaptation, it hasn't even got to the really fun part of the plot yet.

  2. Well...
    Do you think 2400 is good enough for manglobe?

  3. sigh manglobe...

    I think they should have focused more on the fun side and urr, the episodes where so so slow.

    I don't even think thats good for manglobe. But it's best right now hurhuhr.