Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Korean VS Japan is not a joke. No westerners can understand it.

Hehe. Yep, I saw Sankaku Thread.

When I saw most of the comment very pleasing to read, I found it is really frustrating how everyone has attitude of 'who-cares'. History should NEVER be forgotten. America did horrible things to native indian, but because it is past, you need to forget all about it? Fuck, that's the mindset that westerner has? Pity. Forgetting about history is just as bad as being obsessed on history. Being ignorant individual only helps themselves from being stone-headed person.

First of all, there as much Japanese who hates Korean too. Just go to youtube. There are like millions of Yuna Kim bashing items all uploaded by Japan an Jap-followers. Don't just blame Korea. There are many Japanese who appreciate Korea, and there are many people who knows how to greet Japanese. It's just the fact that there were just so much historical tensions and one-sided attack by Japan gave Korea horrible war-crisis for at least 100 years, which has only overcome through last 20 years.

Korea glorifies history? It's just Japanese glorifies there history WAY TOO MUCH, westerners can't just see the difference between those. Why? Historical evidences are there that many cultural influence such as strong Buddhism and construction techniques went from Korea to Japan, just like how China influenced Korea. During modern years, this became opposite; Japan inevitably gave western culture to Korea, and China is now copying Korean's past step-stones of industry. The problem is that Japan wants to make the 'entire history' to be like this modern times. There are definite historical evidence how Japan's culture was so much benefited by Korea (most of 'sensible' Japanese historians also agrees with it), yet government wants this to be ignored and distort it as 'JAPAN GAVE CULTURE TO KOREA'.

Let's see Korean education, because I AM Korean who had KOREAN education in KOREA. I never learned Japan as enemy. The problem is there weretwo big incident that Japan invaded Korea, and those two were the WORST SUFFERING that Koreans ever had in history. There was no glorification, only statements that 'Koreans should be proud of establishing own culture and science' stuffs. Those are historical facts, and children has to learn it, to know the better aspect other than bashing Japan for no reason at all. They are only 'children'. They might say Japan is an enemy now, but as they know a bit more about real life stuffs and get away from fuckin internet and shit fuck DCincide, they will change their stance.

Is that glorification, like what Japan does with history? No. I do know there are things that Korea is really bad at, such as extremely shit-fuck-retarded government rightists, nationalists, all those old people who are conservative as fuck and stuffs who always worsens relationship between Korea and Japan, but if the discussion goes on about 'history', there should be no bashing to Korea.


  1. I don't know that much about this topic... (haven't learnt it yet)
    Anyways about my countries history.
    There was a 'history war'. A prime minister wanted to glorify history to make people more patriotic.

    But then there were some who said we shouldn't hide the bad things we did to the natives. And they wrote about the massacres we did to them and the suffering they had.

    Then another guy came in and said - these massacres DID happen, but they've been exaggerated now (e.g, death numbers).

    I don't like it how history gets glorified and exaggerated, but that's what happens. History is a story of what happens and humans tell things in different ways, historians interpret information differently. Anyways that's not really related.

    I didn't know that Japan glorified stoff though! I'm not you, so I can't feel the same way. Then again I'm very 'meh' about these things... but I can't understand your feelings so I shouldn't speak.

  2. @Anon: Let's just say, Japan did almost exact same thing to Korea that German did to Jewish. Not extreme as hitler, but Japan did do human experiment with Korean civilians, used them as bullet barricade, take innocent women and rape them under instruction.

    No exaggeration I did. There are clear evidences, and very few sensible Japanese actually do admit these stuffs.

    I don't force them for an apology. It's a past history, so they don't have to. The problem is that they distort them, glorify them, and attack Korea using those nonsense-history to make their unforgivable war to be justified. (for instance, just denying everything they did to innocent citizens and saying those incidents never existed.) That's why I think Korean has some definite reason to hate Japan. Also, as much as I love anime and Japanese stuffs, I do have logical reason to rage at Japan's tendency regarding history.

  3. Ohhh! I never knew that :( I can see why this is happening.

    Also, I read over it again (things tend to fly through my head). Isn't that a bit ridiculous for them to want to change it to "Japan gave culture to Korea"... I mean think about it geographically as well....... *head desk*

    But yeah I still love my anime & manga *o*

  4. Since I don't read Sankaku, I don't know what motivated this post, but I will say this; Don't think that the people who comment represent what many in the English speaking world think of the crimes committed by Japanese soldiers not only in the second World War, but also before that. In the UK, we are taught about things like the Samil Movement, Rape of Nanking and Unite 731 from high school, and all the sort of horrible things that happened with their neighboring countries due to Japan. Some may not care about history, but that doesn't mean westerners can never understand. We understand, we know, and some of us (such as my self) care about history and know that all countries in the world had done a lot of horrible things in the past, even England.

    That doesn't mean that Japan is some evil country, that's not true. Every country in the world has some very shameful history, even Korea has some, the UK has some, The US has, France, Germany, Italy etc., but the thing is that they should not look away from it, but admit that there were mistakes in the past and learn from them and not repeat them.

    The thing is, what truly shameful is how some politicians in Japan refuse to admit all the crap that was done in the past, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't know. It's not a secret.

  5. Japan and Korea hate each other since at least 1000 years and I think in about 30 years all of the hate will have vanished. Korea-Japan conflicts are most likely not really important in the future.

  6. @Anon: Honestly, I think relationship between China, Korea and Japan will NEVER be able to resolved.

  7. 1.) The victor is the one to write history
    2.) Patriotism is the refuge of scoundrels

  8. my only advice:
    - watch what you read and watch on internet, they can fuck up your mind

  9. koreans have too much hatred pouring out. They need to get over it.

  10. Anon: In korea, there is even a word called 'conservative patriotism' - used by net-rightist morons to call themselves and also those who mock those people. Indeed, never heard anything good from someone calling self 'patriot'.