Thursday, June 30, 2011

[lol] Yamakan wants Fractal Manga to be canceled.

I missed it, but there was certain hilarious thing that was going on with Yamakan-drama (or that certain-hotel-guy-who-jumped-off-the-cliff-after-raping-a-girl).

Basically, what happened is this. One day, Yamakan suddenly twitted, with rage, that he contacted producers to cancel serialisation of Fractal manga.

Apparently, the mangaka posted blog post that complains how he is continuing manga that is genuinely uninteresting and wanting to quit the series as soon as possible, gettting a new serialisation. The problem is that this is just a 'rumour'. It was just certain image that was going around internet news and 2ch, no-one knows whether it is photoshopped or not.

Yet, at least according to the twitter, Yamakan has already sent message to finish off the manga.

At the end, the producer of noitaminA 'APOLOGISED' for Yamakans action and mangaka's complain. People are saying he is a man, as this is not the only time that he defended Yamakan for Fractal's low TV rate.

At the end manga is still continuing. I wonder wtf is wrong with this Yamakan guy. I liked his directions, until he became big-mouthed jerk. Twitter is a source of evilness.

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  1. The mangaka responsible for Fractale manga, Mutsumi Akazaki, is actually a girl.