Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Madoka] 10th episode was supposed to be 45 minutes, etc...

I read this from 2ch, but it seems that original script by Urobuchi for 10th episode was actually 45 minutes in amount, thus Shinbo says he had to remove a lot of parts to fit it in 20 minutes. This explains why that episode was so crammed with information and fast paced, but I applaud Shaft for being able to deliver even though there was many cuts.

However, this opens the idea 'what if Shaft decides to become Shaft and make special version where 10th episode is full 45 minutes?' That will definitely allow them make this even bigger hit.


Also, Madoka volume 2 sold 9,574 DVD and 53,715 BD, definitely larger than 1st week sales of previous volume. It also made a record for the most selling BD title again. just like what one piece always do

In case of Tiger and Bunny, it is supposed to be bigger hit. Shipping was just huge fail. Bandai also said they will NOT going to reprint them anytime soon. That caused;

... in auction, it is sold about 5 to 10 times larger than its original price.... >_> Dumb dumb Bandai...


  1. Let's wait and hope SHAFT would like to do that. An ova like format would suit it.

  2. Episode 10 was already perfect as it is.

    Why don't Bandai want to reprint more Tiger&Bunny? I don't understand. They don't want money!?! o_O

  3. Oh Homu juice!

    I will come buckets if the BD version is 45 minutes!

  4. It is very possible for Shaft to reanimate, revamp or expand the last few episodes.

    To be honest, 2ch thinks that Madoka's sales were a huge fail, they really wanted to go boxing with EVA.
    If the strongest last 3 episodes get something like a 'true ending', you could expect the explosion.

  5. In case you don't know, TB's half price made Bandai LOSE money every time they print one

  6. Madoka doesn't need to compete with Evangelion, IMHO. It's epic enough without looking back at other classics.
    But I'm intrigued about episode 10. It raises a question whether things like the events of Drama CD or even Oriko manga were initially planned to be in shown in the anime (although Oriko seems less likely, considering the amount of events in the manga, it would require four times the episode length in whole), and I'd REALLY love Shaft to animate the initial content. Now THAT might probably make Vol 4 go boxing with Eva. XDDDDDDD
    We'll see what we shall see... but if Shinbo was going to leave the left-out content in oblivion, what point would it have made to reveal its existence to the audience? =)

  7. You know? If Madoka airs when the main stream media is still VCD then it will have an overall sell as big as Eva. Just remaster it again and again. That's all.

    What I want to say is that it's plainly stupid to compare it with Eva. <_<

  8. @Anon: also, Eva only sold about 30,000 at first. The current sales is something that has built up for 10 years.

  9. Yes, that's also true. But I doubt that Madoka sell will significantly increase in next 10 years. Except that there is a new media to replace BD and Shaft decide to remaster Madoka or doing some marketing ploy then it may have a chance. But it will not happen. Shaft doesn't have a marketing genius like KyoAni or else we will see many more goodness from Bakemonogatari. That's my point.

    Eva is a franchise which was exploited again and again in these past ten years. And you should have already understood very well that otaku or hardcore fan will buy anything they are feed into. Not to mention that the format media from video tape -> vcd -> dvd has a big different in quality. Any fans would prefer to watch and keep their favorite anime in better format.

    As I've already said it's just stupid to compare Eva sell figure with Madoka or any other show in the present.

  10. Madoka has the largest fandom in any TV anime since EVA, people automatically start relating the two animes.

    Even if Madoka is not comparing with EVA, Bakemonogatari still has a larger sales number overall
    People thought that Madoka would annihilate Bake, instead, it was a tie

  11. The price of Tiger & Bunny BD is the same as other series. How come Bandai will not make profit from it? And why Bandai would want to sell half prize and lose the money in the first place? That doesn't make any sense.