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Ranting: The best comments I've seen on Moe

From fuckin senkaku complex; Source

I can't believe that I was actually reading one of the most productive discussion on moe I've ever seen in internet, from SENKAKU...

Comment by Actar
11:12 21/06/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)
...and before anyone argues with the selection choice, I'd like to say that 'moeblob' describes a character with numerous appealing traits or 'Moe' factors. What are these factors? Stuff that incite a special feeling in you that could be described as a similar reaction to when you see something cute. It does not necessarily refer to a character that's the embodiment of 'extreme cuteness', nor is it a type of artstyle.

Or as described by numerous scholars such as Hiroki Azuma, a form of stimulation. Tsundere, Silent Character, Cute, Klutzy, Maids and Glasses are all moe.

Moe does not mean no characterization. Moe is everywhere. Moe can be anything. You can't escape it. Yes, moe is subjective and the moe factors can differ from people to people. However, those listed above are numerous common ones that are agreed upon by many people. It's Database consumption.

Comment by VillainousHanacha
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The way many use the words "moe" and "moeblob" as just a catch-all term to describe anything they hate, is wholly incorrect. When people make the term mean anything the want, and change the definition on a constant basis, it then becomes meaningless.

The truth of the matter is that Moe is anything which ignites an intense and personal passion and/or interest.It can be anything, however the term "Moe character" is acceptable. The longer phrase would be "characters most likely to induce a person's Moe". A "Moe character" would contain traits that are more likely to induce a person's Moe, i.e. "Moe traits". Things like these would be the "Dere" archtypes, silent types, dojikko, maids, etc, as previously mentioned by Actar. The term "Moeblob" however seems to be used in nothing more than a derogatory manner.

But no matter if there are "Moe Characters" who have one or more traits that are widely agreed to spark that intense passion or interest, the fact of the matter is that the feelings of Moe will ultimately always be subjective. You have felt feelings of Moe, as it is a natural extension of our human ability to love. As said previous, Moe can be anywhere, and it can do anything. Also as previously said, all characters on this list have traits that are widely agreed upon to be Moe, or traits that spark the feelings of intense passion or interest more often than not

I can't say more. Everything about this post is right. This is providing that exact logic why I hate so called 'moe haters'.

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  1. YES I thought this too!
    But by the way it's from SANKAKU not SENKAKU lol.

    I wanna say that some moe is more 'trendy' than other at times though haah.