Monday, June 6, 2011

[Ranting] Reponse to the questions with Angel Beats....

 Well, I brought some discussion about Angel Beats! in the comment section. So, I will just sum up why it is fucked, here again.

1. One problem was story. The script Maeda prepared was not 1-cour, or 2-cour in amount it was....


It's Hopeless. There is no dream. There is no hope.
There was NO-WAY they can make this into proper 1-cour animation. The ending was actually decent, as expected from Maeda, but this caused many awkwardness with the storyline and plot such as;

"We don't know what the story is actually trying to tell us"
"Comedy is timed very badly"
"There are too many characters"
"Plot of the start and the end does not match at all"
"Each episode is disconnected"

Thus, we can find out that the real problem actually, is not Maeda. After all, Maeda had;
No experience in animation production AT-ALL.

We can conclude that if there was ANY PERSON who is actually experienced with animation script and help Maeda to write proper animation scenario from the start, this NEVER happened. In the staff screen, Maeda is a person who is responsible for almost ENTIRE script writing of the series. We now question.

2. This is all fault of...

ANIPLEX, more specifically, PRODUCER TOBA

Toba P is my enemy. Let's kill Toba P.

This is where my 'everyone got fucked' chain started up. Toba is known for being almost-extreme-level Maeda Jun fan. There is NO-WAY he would've control Maeda for the good of animation production, Toba just left him to make all the script by himself because he wanted 'Pure, Uninterrupted, Masterpiece' by Maeda. This did-not-happen.

He is also responsible for degrading quality of animation screen itself. There were many many horrible 'directions' and Deen and Shaft level Sakuga Hokai, and this is NOT supposed to happen for 'PA Works' who has their own animation/sakuga team without any sub-contractions, like Kyoto Animation does. Why this happened? It is again, due to Toba PD. It was already hard enough to portray 6-cour amount of story into the screen, but their direction seemed to look even worse than what it could've been. Overall CG usage was very unsatisfying, with character design with no details at all.

The thing is... if 'Sekiguchi Kanami' was with PA Works at that time, this fail with animation did NOT happen. Toba P decided to ignore it.

Everything happened in Angel Beats was 'PREVENTABLE', and that's why I have to flame Toba P to death.

3. I saw many sales related arguments. However, I say that Angel Beats is the only animation that I actually think that sales were not deserved. I say sales of IS is deserved, Oreimo is deserved but not Angel Beats. It's solely because...;

They were advertising the series, they were hyping the series TO THE DEATH for a bit more than ONE ENTIRE YEAR. What they gave was not worth that hype-at-all.

... that's simply enough.


  1. ehehe your posts like this are fun to read! And interesting, of course.

  2. Angel Beats achieved its sales by exhausting the Maeda's personal fanbase.
    Fanbases are there to cover up messes, but only for once, more than that, they will get pissed of and turned to someone else

  3. Boring anime is a boring anime. I'd say that the sell was mainly from angel-san or Kanade fandom.

    So, do you think that it should sell more or less? :D

  4. is it safe to say that Hanazawa Kana saved Angel Beats?
    And your posts are interesting to read :D

  5. Just a curious question. Where did you hear that it was supposed to be 6-cour? Can't find anything about it.

  6. Angel Beats will be made into a VN, a 1 cour game length would NOT DO AT ALL

  7. I enjoy Angel Beats. Not like there are any I do not.

  8. Well I enjoyed Angel Beats even with its problems and all. I do agree with you that the animation is not what PA Works can do.

  9. I think the 6 cour part was figurative, but it brings the point home - the amount of characters makes it questionable whether even 26 episodes would be enough. Can't judge animation quality (the only studio I usually expect animation quality from is Ufotable), but it didn't bother me too much. And unlike Toba, I'm not a Jun Maeda fan and not a Key fan in whole (Sola sure didn't make me one, even though it's said to have been called best anime of 2008 in Japan), but I like Seiji Kishi's style (ready to close my eyes at the extremely rushed ending of Magicano), so maybe that saved the series for me rather than the script.
    Repeating my other comment, it must have been also low expectations that lead me to appreciate AB! Also, Maeda the J-pop composer surprisingly knows his trade, a number of songs are thus far in my playlist, and at least one of them isn't leaving anytime soon. =)))) But I feel for everyone like ringOtamegane who got their hopes crushed. I had a LOT of hype for Madoka, and I hate imagining what I'd have felt if that had turned out underwhelming. Thankfully, it managed to do the opposite... but sorry, I'm taking this offtopic again. XDDDD

  10. Maeda said it himself. Originally, when producer wanted 1-cour series, Maeda was thinking about EIGHT COUR series by himself. At the end, he got script for almost 6-cour story.

  11. I enjoyed Angel Beats. Good Music and some nice moments. That said it isn't perfect by any means. But: Imho the only anime that didn't deserve its sales is Code Geass II.

  12. Still, no matter whether you say that Maeda has said it or not, I can't find any source. So, please direct me.

  13. As far as I'm concerned the only problem with Angel Beats is that it's a good show when it could have been great!
    If Maeda got his way and this show received enough episodes for the story to be told properly it could have been on par with Clannad.

    Also, who's to say what shows deserved it's sales or not?
    IS and oreimo didn't disappoint it's fans and didn't have as much hype and that makes them better than AB somehow?! I don't think so!

  14. @Last Anon:

    Maeda's reputation basically stepped bottom during the airing of Angel Beats. It was NOT a good show.

  15. I thought it was an above average show. And so did 30k+ people who bought the dvd's and also the guys who gave it great ratings. Maeda's reputation with those people is safe for now.

  16. AB's music was lame, it is above the industry's average, however, it was nothing compared to the sheer glory of Air's music or even Clannad's.

    Yeah, great ratings? Every time there is a debate about Maeda, Angel Beats will be dragged out to show that it is the worst.

    Lastly, Angel Beats used large amounts of advertising. 100% Key, deep and intriguing. People won't believe them any more to buy the BD's.

  17. >'PA Works' who has their own animation/sakuga team without any sub-contractions, like Kyoto Animation does

    P.A does subcontract a lot, like any other studio. They are much smaller than KyoAni, not to mention the actually large studios like I.G. or Madhouse which still subcontract. That's how the industry works.

    Complete episodes for every P.A work so far have been outsourced to cheap Korean studio Union Cho (5, 6 and 11 for AB, 3 and the other couple of bad episodes of Canaan and likewise several bad episodes of True Tears - if there's a glaring awful episode of Hana Saku Iroha, you know who to blame). Other than that all other episodes had been partly made at Bee Train (sister studio and so on) and to smaller parts at random other studios. Perhaps there are 1-2 episodes inbetween all of P.A.'s shows which had the key animation made completely at P.A. but fact is, most key animation in P.A.Works shows is not done by P.A.Works at all.