Saturday, June 4, 2011


Moe haters should all die



  1. Many a people would say Moe lovers should die.

    Why the hatin'?

  2. What's the point of all this whining?
    I don't like moe, so what? Should I die just because I am not a fan of the series people like you love? I don't complain about those who like moe and neither about others who hate genres I love (like thriller, mindfuck or hard sci-fi)...

    It's totally okay if people like different things and hate other things as long as they don't start beeing assholes toward those with opposite tastes.

  3. @Dr Pest: then why would you even take the post to heart which it seems you did? Moe haters and people who don't care about moe are clearly different categories. Moe haters are hated because extremely hating moe is just as pointless as extremely loving it. It will live and thrive regardless of either kind of attitude. :)