Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[KamiNomi] Chapter 154

Wakaki Tamiki... is an amazing person. All hail Wakaki. He is just genius for thinking this kind of twist all the time. His talent for long-term-serialization is now shining.

and we have this epitome of HNNNNNNNGGGGGG

Oh.... my god... (*nose bleed)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trivia: Strong evidence for Black hole's existance found.

This is photo of black hole DEVOURING STAR.

...can't see? Then here is a simulation that Nasa analysed for us;

Just amazing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

[Info] BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER Animation series from noitaminA slot confirmed

Official Website:

Studio is most likely Order, like that horrible OVA we've seen. Yamakan is not involved in this production 'directly'.

Honestly, I don't like this. This is definitely not the way that noitaminA used to be. I think after 2 years of failure that noitaminA has suffered, producer decided to become much freer about choosing series. However, Black Rock Shooter ISNT the best choice. I disliked OVA, as it basically ruins entire concept that BRS supposed to have + zero content shit.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Info] New Nisioisin novel - '少女不十分', 'Not Enough Girls'

The cover art of Nisio Isin's new novel is revealed, with the title of '少女不十分', meaning 'Girls are not enough'. It also said that Nisio Isin is returning to 'what he used to be at first'. We all know he is extreme Jojo-fan, and we all know how crazy Zaregoto series was.

We maybe get something even more chaotic.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

[Madoka] Madoka Magica PSP game streaming

*Look at right bottom side, click 'PV'

Cool graphics, looks beautiful. But lol seriously, playing as Kyuubey? It will be like sort of business game, where you recruits more girl to get more points.

But i dun hav psp... DX

[Preview] Comiket 80 Animation Previews - Part 2

lol... there were even more uploads

10. Fate/Zero PV - 2

11. Ben-to

12. Shinryaku, Ika Musume! - season 2

13. C^3
Baka to test: The Action-Gore Version

14. Papa no iukoto wo Kikinasai
No idea wth is this.

15. Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon
One of few good looking animation that I won't care at all.

Blogging: 'Comiket 80' Page added

Comiket 80 page is added. It is more convenient for me to arrange posts like that.

[Madoka] Comiket 80 - Madoka Magica Related

Modaka Magica section was apparently the most crowded one of all.

1. Madoka Magica Novel released
Here are some godly illustrations...
Yuri! Yuri!
Hot Mami-san is hot!
Crazy sayaka!

Plus, Huge spoiler pic that we all know...;;;;;

2. Madoka Magica doujin collection
 The doujin called 'Tiro finale's book' will have... hell a lot of illustrator involvements, including SEIYUUS. (Yuuki Aoi + Kitamura Eri etc.)


3. Madoka Magica Production Notes

Above one looks like Inukare illustration. Amazing... I want it... ;_;

Others will be updated later.

[Preview] Comiket 80 Animation Previews

So again, it is that time.

1. Boku ha Tomotachi ga sukanai
It looks good... @_@ Wow...

2. Fate/Zero
...year of Urobuchi!

and Rider is moe!

3. K-On Movie
Moe moe kyun!

4. Guilty Crown
... year of original animation!

5. Persona 4
Lots of TVs!!

6. Working second season
Yes yes yes!!!!

7.  Aoki Ume's new series
@_@ moar wide faec

8. Kimi to Boku
Dun know wat it is.

9. Kill me baby
Dun know wat it is - 2

ringotamegane's last words

This year is the best year. (except for my shit exams)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[2ch] Nisemonogatari OVA, Railgun Movie rumour. etc.

Just saw this in Yaraon's blog;

There seems to be rumour about Nisemonogatari OVA, which is supposed to be releasing next Summer according to that post. There will also be Bakemonogatari Box for movie limited addition and Railgun Movie, but no idea about any other details.

No source, so no-one knows if it is true. But it is good to know. I remember how April 1st rumour about Urobuchi doing magical girl came to realisation.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

[Info] 2010~2011 Japanese Mangaka Ranking - according to the sales.

Ranking: Sales during 2010~2011

1. Oda Eiichiro - (One Piece 54,856,000)
2. Kishimoto Masashi (Naruto, 11,035,000
3. Shiina Karuho - (Kimi ni Todoke, 8,768,000)
4. Hiro Mashima - (Fairy Tail, Rave etc. 7,743,000)
5. Kubo Tito - (Bleach 6,954,000)
6. Obata Takeshi - (Bakuman, Death Notes etc. 6,264,000)
7. Sorachi Hideaki - (Gintama 6,227,000)
8. Arakawa Hiromu - (Full Metal Alchemist 5,883,000)
9. Nakamura Hikaru - (Saint Young Men, Arakawa Under the Bridge etc. 5,541,000)
10. Saibashi Hiroshi - (Nurarihyon no Mago 4,623,000)


Level difference between One Piece and other ____ is unbelievable. Surprised to see Nakamura Hikaru and Saibashi Hiroshi. Hiro Mashima, in my opinion, is a bit too high...;; Bleach and Naruto is falling apart, so I can care less about them.

Especially, Bleach. Seriously, that last chapter. Kubo just suck.