Thursday, August 11, 2011

[2ch] Nisemonogatari OVA, Railgun Movie rumour. etc.

Just saw this in Yaraon's blog;

There seems to be rumour about Nisemonogatari OVA, which is supposed to be releasing next Summer according to that post. There will also be Bakemonogatari Box for movie limited addition and Railgun Movie, but no idea about any other details.

No source, so no-one knows if it is true. But it is good to know. I remember how April 1st rumour about Urobuchi doing magical girl came to realisation.


  1. wat happened to kizumonogatari????

  2. The same rumour has Kizu for Summer 2012, and the Nise OVA for 4 eps.

  3. Anything is welcomed with monogatari franchise.

    though I honestly though that they kinda screwed the momentum... (as in it's too damn long inbetween)

    puzzling since it's the series which skyrocketed them high on the stratosphere...