Friday, August 19, 2011

[Info] BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER Animation series from noitaminA slot confirmed

Official Website:

Studio is most likely Order, like that horrible OVA we've seen. Yamakan is not involved in this production 'directly'.

Honestly, I don't like this. This is definitely not the way that noitaminA used to be. I think after 2 years of failure that noitaminA has suffered, producer decided to become much freer about choosing series. However, Black Rock Shooter ISNT the best choice. I disliked OVA, as it basically ruins entire concept that BRS supposed to have + zero content shit.


  1. 2 years? They don't have a hit every season but I think Anohana in 2011, Tatami Galaxy in 2010, Eden of the East in 2009, the whole Nodame series and Honey Clover were pretty good. I can't see them as suffering.

  2. Two years of failure? There's been plenty of good from noitaminA in the last two years.

  3. Let's see how this new tv series turns out. It's possible that they abandon the schoolgirl drama of the OVA (which I didn't dislike BTW) and do a pure action series. It's too early to complain.

  4. Didn't they say this would have nothing to do with the OVA?But rather be based on the game?

    Which looks a lot better based on the teaser:

  5. >Two years of failure?

    What the fuck are you shaftfag smoking?

  6. @totoum: If you go to the official website, view page source. You can see tags; "ryo,huke,Ordet,supercell".

    Yes, Ordet.

    @Last Anon: You fuckin stinks. period. You clearly have no idea what I am saying.

    It seems I brought some misunderstandings. I'm referring to 2009~2010 of noitaminA's situation, not this year. I'm also referring 'Finantial failure', not actual quality of the series. Even though there were many quality/unique/non-mainstream series they produced, they had failed to appeal major buying viewers, aka otaku. This was the case since the finishing of Eden of the east, and even the producer of noitaminA himself admitted it.

    Now, they target viewers are shifting. Not just mid-age-females, but also otakus. However, BRS is just too out of place here.

  7. Plus, I agree Tatami Galaxy was indeed profit. It was low budget + went over manabi line. However, not enough to really cover up other series;

    Fractal/Hourou Musuko --> Jelly fish --> Shiki --> Galaxy/house of 5 leaves --> Kuuchu Buranko...

  8. I like BRS solely because of character design. But I'm very disappointed in OVA. It's very bad. If they want this to be success or profitable, they need to change the script writer and director. Also, less involvement of Yamakan is actually a good news.