Saturday, August 27, 2011

[KamiNomi] Chapter 154 - Who will be the goddess? Ayumi, or Chihiro?

*This post includes spoiler


Generak HNNNNNNNGGG aside, I think Chihiro has more possibility of becoming Goddess. The reason for it is actually.... due to the fact that Ayumi has more chance of becoming actual heroine of all conquered ones this series.



Well, let's revise what Wakaki said about the theme of this series;

"Dying as Capturing God, or Living as a Human"

This is supposed to be summarising plot of this series. Just think about it. What is happening to characters who ended up becoming goddess? What happen to Tsukiyo after being revealed to be goddess? What about Goido Yui or even Shiori and Kanon? Yep, they haven't been appearing to the scene for a long time.How about ohter heroine who is revealed to be not a goddess?They got very, very small amount of scene and just forgotten. Like teacher and swimming girl.

It is very clear that the one heroine who will be critical to the storyline will be someone who isn't goddess, but getting spot light at the SAME TIME. That means, it is either Chihiro or Ayumi.

The thing is, Ayumi is officially Wakaki's (Author's) FAVOURITE CHARACTER. Every single of his fetish and personal preference of female basically condensed in the character of 'AYUMI'. We all know that Genius Wakaki was thinking about this goddess plot since the start of this manga's serialisation (Wakaki said it himself. He said he already had idea of goddess, he was just calculating the right timing to introduce them.).If you see the first chapter clearly, you will find her response to Katsuragi was actually not that negative. Even though she called him otamega or other things, she seems to be very friendly to him and talking to him very nicely. Even drawing heart when giving her brooms to Keima.

Now, the theme I mentioned above. Katsuragi will ultimately get a decision to take (like Wakaki himself had to do in his life. We all know Keima = The author himself. u.u~~~) - his fantasy or reality. At the end, the girl who is really important will not be goddess, but someone who is in 'reality'.

Lastly, look at the picture I posted. I think in situation like 'that', is almost at the same level as kissing. Goddess is supposed to appear already, imo. It didn't. Thus, Chihiro is more likely to have one.

(of course, my prediction can be horribly wrong.)


  1. Someone says this in every TWGOK thread on /a/.
    That and "lol twin godess"

  2. I'm very excited about these meta informations and arguments (regarding the author himself, he seems to be a very interesting person). So, thanks a lot! I wish there would be more people who deliver them to the english speaking sphere.

  3. @Fiaca: My post is not any new argument anyway. It was hinted ever since Wakaki revealed in his blog that Ayumi is his 'THE' favourite character.

  4. I think that if the girls with the goddesses become important for their own selves and not their goddesses, then Wakaki will just have the goddesses materialize out once enough love points have been reached. It's like how the spirits got out of the humans once they got big enough. But being a regular human would definitely individualize a character over the others.

    And I think there will be a harem ending instead of using just one girl. There hasn't been anything to make any single girl stand out in particular. Making one stand out now would be kinda weird in my opinion.

  5. @Anon: I say this again;

    "Dying as Capturing God, or Living as a Human"

    It won't be harem ending, if Wakaki decides to keep this theme more clear. But you are also right.

  6. This is Madoka related. For some reason Madoka volume 5 isn't doing as well as the other volumes. Of course 59000 for first week is still godly but compared to volume 1 and 2 it's not that impressive. It even had episode 10 with homuhomu. Is the Madoka buzz fading?

  7. @Anon: Nope. There is nothing special about sales being down by each volume. Too bad it wasn't like Bakemonogatari's case.

    Madoka is still one of the most discussed animation till now, anyway.

  8. Most animes have big drop sale from first volume. Madoka sale record is very consistent, actually. This is the fifth volume but the first week sale is still around 60k.

  9. I'm a bit late, here. Anyway, two things:
    1 - Wakaki is genial. I would like marry him (I'm a girl, don't worry).
    2 - I think the girl without goddess will be Chihiro, because she is the normal girl, far from the galge archetypes. So, she "normally" fell in love with Keima. Ayumi could be the favorite of the author, but this doesn't mean she will be the final lover of Keima. Also, Mercury was speed's God in roman mythology, so it does make more sense if her descendant goddess is in Ayumi, who is very fast.
    Just my two cents. xD