Saturday, August 13, 2011

[Madoka] Madoka Magica PSP game streaming

*Look at right bottom side, click 'PV'

Cool graphics, looks beautiful. But lol seriously, playing as Kyuubey? It will be like sort of business game, where you recruits more girl to get more points.

But i dun hav psp... DX


  1. They said it is a dungeon game though...

  2. Still an RPG, though. =D
    I doubt we'll be playing as Kyuubey. Not all the time, at least. Screenshots show that the girls are the main fighters.
    There'll even be a battle with Hitomi-esque familiars like those Octavia sported in the third timeline. That's really intriguing. Even if the gameplay proves to be average, there's still a chance that Urobuchi will throw in some stuff that didn't fit into the anime. That alone will make the game worthwhile.

  3. It would be weird to play as Kyubey but they sure know how to milk more money from this series

  4. You should write about Grief Syndrome too!
    Figgin' awesome game.

  5. You could try your luck with :P