Friday, September 23, 2011

[Info] Manga - "Pani Poni" finally ends.

After 11 years of serialisation, 'Pani Poni' by Hikawa Hekiru will end with 17th volume. It will contain special report called 'Pani Poni Memorial', where looking through all the history of this series, and also CD contained limited addition. To us, it is well known as 'Pani Poni Dash', animated by Shaft.

Medetashi, medetashi~~


  1. Still haven't watched Pani Poni Dash... I wonder if it will get a second season?

  2. @Marow: I've watched it, and it's awesome. There's also an OVA from two years ago, looking even better in some parts. ))) Hopeully Shaft will consider adapting the rest of the series now that it's concluded.

  3. And the anime ended years ago...
    I wish there will be second season :(
    Or more ova please....